5 Ways To Protect Your Inner Peace – xoNecole

I began my journey toward finding my peace after moving out of my parents’ house about five years ago.
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Social Media Cleanse was my favorite one!!! Enjoy 😊


Exercise may cut depression risk – Daily Nation

The ideal amount starts at about 15 minutes a day of strenuous activity.
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I guess a little exercise wouldn’t hurt!

5 Reasons Your Self-Care Routine Isn’t Working For You – xoNecole

Something that’s cool about everything about xoNecole — from the xoTribe of writers to our fabulous readers — is we are all individuals and aren’t short of having different opinions about, well, everything. But if there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s the fact that self-care shouldn’t …
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What a great article as I know first hand self-care isn’t that hard to do!

How Do You Cope With Negative Emotions?????

Happy Wednesday friends,

I will be interviewing a young lady who deals self-care through meditation, journaling, and affirmations! She empowers her clients to learn how to manage negative emotions and listen to their inner guidance!

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Regaining Your Strength….




❣️Find New MeaningThis may sound absurd especially when you have hit rock bottom but it may just be what you need to read or hear. It does not mean you have to find a new love almost immediately but just get out there and have fun.❣️Redefine Your GoalsWhen starting anew, it is best to change everything starting from what you want to achieve in life (yet again). Failure can be tough to handle but dwelling on it is the worst. Set up a new business but attempt at goals that is different from before – wanting to retrace your steps can be tougher so why not set out differently instead.❣️Let Go (my fav)Hanging on the past will never get you anywhere and sometimes, you can never really move on unless you are ready to let all your feelings go. Burdening yourself with thoughts of the past is a waste of precious time and before you know it, you have been robbed of viable years.❣️Rehabilitate Your Mind And BodySubject to therapy if you have to but definitely, you need to work on your muscles and brain activity to get things started again. ❣️ Seek Spiritual Advice

Religion or no religion, following and listening to a higher being will lead you to a better path. At times when everything seems so lost, the only thing that can fill in the void are words that are beyond compare.

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Want to Sleep Well, here’s how👇🏾

Want more energy? Then the very simplest and most effectiveway to accomplish this is to sleep better and to sleep more. Of course this is somewhat easier said than done however if you’re someone who struggles with their sleep, or if your sleep hasn’t been as deep or as rewarding as it should be.

If you find yourself in that situation, try these five tips that should help you considerably with the quantity and quality of your rest:

1 Go for a Run

Not when you’re about to go to bed but earlier in the day. This will help you to burn more energy, thus making you more tired when you hit the sack. At the same time, if you take your run outdoors, then you should find that the combination of fresh air and daylight also help you to sleep better as well as to regulate your internal body clock.

2 Have the Window Slightly Open

Commonly people make the assumption that they will sleep better if they are warm. While you want your body temperature to be warm though, the ideal surrounds are actually slightly cool. This emulates the way we would have slept in the wild and helps us to better regulate our temperature.

3 Take a Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower right before bed will help you to relax your muscles and at the same time will stimulate the release of sleep hormones like melatonin. It also increases the production of growth hormones, also associated with better sleep and recovery.

4 Have Half an Hour to Relax

Half an hour before bed, take your phone into another room and plug it in. At the same time, turn off the TV and make a conscious effort to relax and to do something that you will enjoy. This will help you to unwind and to let go of the stresses of the day. What’s more, the lack of bright screens will help you to avoid stimulating the production of cortisol.

5 Take ZMA

ZMA is a supplement containing zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. It is used by a lot of bodybuilders as a means to increase their testosterone levels to enhance muscle building and recovery. At the same time though, it also has the added benefit of encouraging deeper and more restful sleep. Take two capsules half an hour before sleep on an empty stomach and you might notice an improvement.

I have tried all of these except the running😂, I can barely run from here to my mailbox 📭!

Hope one of these help you….