5 ways to boost your mental health this year | CTV News

We all know eating right and keeping fit is important, but here are some simple ways to also look after your mental health in 2019.
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Love these new ideas, getting your hearing checked was a curious one!!!



Depression, anxiety linked to higher risk of major health issues | Health | Jamaica Gleaner

People suffering from anxiety and depression may be at higher risk for developing other major health conditions, like heart disease, suggests new research, perhaps at levels comparable to smoking and obesity ­ though the ‘perhaps’ in this case is significant…
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Wellness Wednesday: Steps to be worry free! 👇🏾

The following steps should be used to deal with anxiety depression and its main symptom, worry. When used wisely and effectively, you will inevitably be successful at these natural depression help techniques.

1. Practice Mind-drainage: Empty your mind of pessimistic and negative thoughts, especially before going to and after waking up from sleep. This involves some degree of imagination friends. (the same imagination-mind you-that you are actually using to aggravate your present situations…didn’t realize that eh?). This mind-draining strategy cannot be overemphasized as I will let you know, if you fear something for a long period of time, it may actually come to pass. “For the thing which I feared has come upon me…” (Job 3:25)

2. Fill up the mind with powerful thoughts of faith and success to fill up the vacuum now left in the mind. You become a worrier by practicing it, you can be worry-free by practicing the opposite.

3. Say positive things about those things you previously spoke negatively of.

4. Never participate in a worry conversation. Induce your conversation with faith and worry-free statements.

5. Make friends with optimistic people, practice prayer and meditation.

6. Exercise and eat right. You’ll be making yourself look and feel better and consequently stronger through the process for overcoming depression, anxiety and becoming worry free.

No one is saying things will be automatically changed overnight. No, it takes work. However with direct and equally aggressive actions as the destructive worry habits one may be indulging in, anxiety depression can be overcome and you too can be worry free if you believe in your mind you can.

Stay Positive,


Olivia B. Shepherd

Founder of AshesToBeauty Mentoring & Outreach

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Self~Love Day4 Know Your Body



🔅If you are struggling to love your body or yourself, here are 5 things to stop 🛑 doing to yourself:

1. Stop letting a comment from someone else determine how you should feel about your body, heck they may need help with their look too😉

2. Stop waiting to reach a certain weight goal before you enjoy your body, embrace all of you, the skinny you, the big you, all of you!

3. Stop hanging with friends that judge their bodies and are constantly fat shaming others, this is a major ‘no-no’!

4. Stop thinking God gave you the wrong body, child please….God doesn’t make mistakes🙌🏾

5. Lastly, Stop blaming your body for the bad things in your life, that’s just your mindset and you definitely need to change your way of thinking Now!


Self~Love Day4: Knowing Your Body

💭 Think about, your brain is never seen but yet we show it off and love it! Now using affirmations, self-talk, and positivity enhances your brain 🧠

I don’t know about you, but my brain is absolutely the most sexiest thing on my body, so take care of it!!!


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Olivia B. Shepherd

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Self~Love Day4 Knowing Your Body



Good Morning Friends,☺️

Did you know that people with self-love are healthier people?

If I could share my heart ❤️with you for a second…life is hard, but living life when you don’t have self-love is VERY hard.

Learning to love your body enough to take care if it is straight up self-love. Know you body…..


Olivia B. Shepherd

Life Empowerment Mentor

My Little Rocks of Confidence😉

Made these today to place throughout the places I’m in the most! This will give me a little smile each day!!! If you’d like to try these feel free to use some of the affirmations I have written here or from my earlier post! They aren’t fancy, just some rocks from Micheals, printed words and tape! I think next time I’ll search for rocks at the park when I’m on my walks! Chat soon…

Ms. Fran