Self~Love Series Day2

#selfloveday2 #transformationtuesday 💓 You need to learn to accept yourself. 🖊Take a piece of paper. Now write down all your flaws. Write down everything that you hate about yourself. After you looked at it, now tear it up! You need to see the negative stuff but not keep that crap around. You need to learnContinue reading “Self~Love Series Day2”

Self~Love Day2: No More Comparisons

#selfloveday2 #transformationtuesday 💓Good Morning beautiful souls, Day 2 of my Self-Love Series, today I want to focus on ’comparisons’! 💓We spend so much time comparing ourselves to the social media selves of others, that we forget all about our true self. 💓Be who God created you to be, not what you imagine you should lookContinue reading “Self~Love Day2: No More Comparisons”

3 Tips to Become Self Aware👇🏾

🌟3 ways to become self-aware 1. Assess your self-talk The first step in self-awareness is to listen to yourself. What’s going on in your mind? Is it a series of negative thoughts that make you feel pretty crappy? Or are you always looking on the bright side? In practice: Take a couple of minutes eachContinue reading “3 Tips to Become Self Aware👇🏾”

Self Awareness, Transformation Tuesday

#transformationtuesday #unleashyourgreatness #selfawareness 🔅Good morning luvs, as you go about your morning! Be aware of your surroundings you know, the things you make time for, the people you spend time with, and the actions you take. All this gives you a sense of self awareness 🔅Self awareness is about learning to better understand why youContinue reading “Self Awareness, Transformation Tuesday”