30 Days of Gratitude Day: 6

“Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk.” -Rumi

Happy Monday and new time, man I love this new time change. As you know I’m in the bed before 6 anyway, so being dark early is right up my alley. lol Well today was a long but productive day, my Monday started off pretty good. I felt rested and got up with no problem at all. Today was the day I take dad to run his errands, and gives him a chance to ride in the car for a bit. Since he has a new girlfriend at his place, they seem to get out a little more together. She’s a nurse, so she is able to help him walk and be careful. Also today was the first day of my new coping skills class, and therapy day. I wasn’t really ready for therapy today, but glad I stayed the whole hour. Which brings me to why I’m thankful today, I’m more than thankful for my therapy sessions. I find so much relief in going, I had something bothering me yesterday and she just brought it out of me. I cried just a little, not sad tears, but tears of ‘yes that’s it’!! I feel like my thoughts are so clear when I’m with her, I mean I feel like she has been knowing me for years. I wonder if we are supposed to be kind of cool with each other? Today she told me something personal about her daughter and I felt like we were best buds. Just wondering if that’s ok? If it’s not, oh well! I couldn’t be more thankful for her. She sees the old fabulous, courageous, pretty, and diva I use to be. She sees me, not just my illness. I mean I feel like my old self, with a new brain when I’m there with her. So once again, who said therapy was bad for ya!? Hope this week is starting off great for you all, chat soon….

Ms. Fran