Sunday Inspiration…💞


When you amply understand that you’ve little control of the outside world, you then have 2 choices: you are able to choose to see yourself as a “poor-me” victim at the mercy of conditions or you are able to choose to develop the trust that, regardless what happens in your life or in the world, you’ll have the inner strength to produce something good from it all. Hopefully, you’ll choose the latter! You got this….💪🏾💖

𝓛𝓪𝓭𝔂 ‘𝓞’

”Empowering One Life at a Time”

Daily Reminder….💞

Happy Sunday friends…this is you daily reminder to:

Take that vital first step in deciding to be a more positive person. Make a conscious choice to conquer the negativity around you and in you. No matter how dismal your life seems at the moment, choice to be more positive is 100% up to you.

Have an amazing Sunday😃

Happy Sunday☺️

Good morning all, what a beautiful day! What are your plans?

I’m getting up and getting ready for church, still fighting this nasty sinus thing 🤒🤧

The pollen this year is really disrespectful, lol!

Oh well, doesn’t matter what you plan to do, remember to do it with a smile 😃

Have an amazing Sunday 💓


5~Day Gratitude Journal PDF


🔅Happy Sunday, I hope it was a good one! Well, we dodged a bullet here in Columbia SC where I’m from, but my heart goes out to all of my neighbors in North Carolina. May God continue to comfort them during this time.

🔅As I sat down at my desk, I started listing all the things I’m grateful for that we take for granted each day. We all are about one disaster away from losing everything we worked so hard for!

🔅With that being said, I created this printable journal for you to jot down the things you are grateful for the rest of this week.

Everyone knows I’m obsessed with journals, not only does it help organize your thoughts, it always helps with your mental health.

🔅Print it off and let me know what you think, I’d love to know!

Happy Journaling🗒


A Little Sunday Lesson

Woke up this morning feeling a bit sick, but mentally my mind is clear and at peace. It’s been a long time since I have felt this way like for real, really not a care right now. I slept pretty good after a little Factime with my sweet grand baby, he is growing so much. He likes looking into the phone and seeing Gigi’s big pink scarf on her head. He’s also doing lots of laughing and cooing, and eating cereal now. I’m flying down to see him for my birthday next month. As you can tell I’m totally that granny who shows his pics to everyone who ask, lol! See on the bright side of all that is going on with my family, that little baby makes it all better and we all know we have to be strong for him. I was reading a story about a daughter who complained to her father about how hard life was, and she wanted to just give up. You know like how I want to every week. Well the dad apparently used an egg, potatoes, and a coffee bean to make his point of the story which totally made no sense to me. So as I continued to read on, he explained that all of these things faced the same adversity, going into hot water. However, each reacted differently, the potatoes went in hard and came out soft, the egg went in soft and came out hard, and the coffee which started off as beans were different. After they enter the water, they decided to change and become something totally new. WOW…..he then asked her, “which one are you?” The egg, potatoe, or the coffee bean? This got me to thinking, which one am I ? For so long I have been the potatoe, every time adversity knocks on my door I became soft and weak. I know longer want to be that damn potatoe, I use to be hard on the outside able to handle just about everything. Then depression came in and took over for a while, no longer can I let that happen. So apparently the moral of the story is, when adversity knocks at the door how will we react? I really enjoyed this short lesson and will print this story off and keep it in my journal. Who knew food came with lessons? Funny it would take food to make me listen, lol (inner fat girl)… Well I will leave you all with the link to find this story, it really help me put things in perspective this morning. I’m going to continue to cast my cares on the Lord and start this wonderful Sunday. Hoping you all do the same….chat soon!

Ms. Fran

Aww Sunday!

Happy Sunday all, wow it’s been a busy weekend and I’m a little exhausted. Finally had my yard sale, and it went pretty well. My Clemson Tigers played their first home game on yesterday, I’m super excited it’s football season again. The air seems a little cooler and I’m about ready for those leaves to change. I plan on spending this Sunday trying to get myself packed for my Texas trip. It’s kind of bitter-sweet, because of the real reason I’m going out there. I know this is week is going to be hard on all of us, but I’m praying to God it turns out for the good. With that being said, look on the bright side, I get to see my cute little grand baby for 5 days straight. I’m going to love on him the entire time, he will be begging to come to South Carolina with his Gigi, lol! So I’m just going to keep thinking positive and enjoy my stay. Besides I needed a little time away from here, time to clear my head for a bit.  So enjoy your Sunday and I’ll chat soon……

Ms. Fran

A Little Sunday Motivation 😊

Happy Sunday, not much going on today! I’m finally at my desk trying to get some things done. So far so good!😊 It’s beautiful outside, to bad I’m not feeling up to being out there. Just going to focus on my work inside, I got to get ready for my big yard sale this coming Saturday. This has been very relaxing and sad at the same time. Looking through all my old junk and seeing things that remind me of happier times. That then depresses me, but I just toss it away and move on. You can tell a lot about yourself and life by the junk you keep. Holding on to the past isn’t good for me anymore. Well not going to be a ‘debbie downer’😌hope you all have the best Sunday. Relax mentally and get prepared for a new week….chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran💕

Father’s Day Memories!

Happy Father’s Day to all my WordPress followers who are dads, hope your day is full of love. This day makes me a little sad, because my dad isn’t the same dad as 3 years ago. He is now stuck in a stroke body, using a walker, can barely get around. See I don’t have memories like you all did from childhood, my childhood was stained. I do however have memories after we reconnected when I was 19 and about to give birth to my son. For years we didn’t even know if he was in town, let alone alive. He was a really weird guy who didn’t want responsibility, he was able to be a free spirit while mom supported us the best she could. For years I always imagine what it would be like to run to my dad when things got bad. For years I use to wait for the mail, in hopes that he would write. None of those things came true, but I managed to live my life without a father figure. I use to always think of all the things I would say to him when the time came, would I yell, cry, or freeze up. To be honest, I did nothing. I acted like the 12-year-old girl back in grade school. I was happy to see him, a wave of emotions running through my body. And ever since me and him have been cool buddies. Then the stroke happened….caught us all by surprise. Well you all know that story, roles are reverse and I’m now taking care of him. So today we will continue to make new memories…..again have a wonderful father’s day dads out there. Cherish all your memories…chat soon!!!

Ms. Fran

No Longer Afraid of Sunday 😔

Good afternoon friends, it’s Sunday and like yesterday I’m relaxing. Just finish putting some food on the grill for dinner, now off to shower and do nothing. Well this is a change from so many other Sunday’s. Remember there was a time not to long ago that Sunday would have my anxiety level high. I couldn’t relax, the fear of Monday coming was just dreadful. As you all know, nothing good ever happens for me on Monday but today I don’t feel a damn thing. I feel just like normal for a change and it feels good. I’m feeling normal for a change. Yes, I know it’s the meds but hell I’ll take what I can get😂Usually I’m so exhausted by this time I would be back in bed. Well not today, I actually got a lot done this morning. Feeling a little guilty for not waking up for church, but I’m still having some trouble with my faith right now! So afraid everything is going to come crashing down around me, but I feel ready for anything today…go figure!!! Sunday I’m no longer afraid of you, hoping I can take this into the rest of the week! Chat soon….

Ms. Fran