Why Those of us That Can, Must Fight

Why Those of us That Can, Must Fight http://thebipolarwriter.blog/2019/01/25/why-those-of-us-that-can-must-fight/ — Read on thebipolarwriter.blog/2019/01/25/why-those-of-us-that-can-must-fight/ #reblog Great post!


Good morning what a great article, Prince Harry opens about Mental Illness, it happens to the best of us. Funny thing is when someone famous suffers you all understand. I said I do and then the rolled eyes start, smh!! Stop the stigma, Prince Harry is human and his suffering isn’t any different from mines! Continue reading http://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4072696

Book Release Today!!!

Depression is a condition which has become almost epidemic in recent years. The number of people who are attending doctor’s across the country and internationally, has increased beyond anything which couldn’t have been imagine even a few years ago, and it is particularly prevalent in African-Americans. In this book, you will be given an inside view ofContinue reading “Book Release Today!!!”

I’m Backkkkkk!!😉

Good morning bloggers, I’m back after some much needed rest! Had a little mental breakdown, but I’m up a ready to go again!!! This past week has been really rough and I officially realized that I need some major help!!! So on Monday I will be assigned a therapist and a nurse, they have alsoContinue reading “I’m Backkkkkk!!😉”

Note to Self #3

Well it’s half-time and my Tigers are trailing 14-7, making my nerves super bad. Had a pretty good day today, but ran into some trouble when someone ask that one damn question? “Why are you depressed ” ? *blank stare*😳! They also mentioned how strong I was, only if you really knew!!! I’m tired ofContinue reading “Note to Self #3”

When you a badass and don’t care what others think!!!

I love her for this, nope I wasn’t a fan of a Star Wars (please don’t kill me)!! I just believe that so many people suffer but are ashame to come forward. I too was this person, but not anymore!!! I suffer from mental illness, NOW WHAT?????? Ms. Fran 😀