What Your Valentine’s Day Gift 🎁 Says About You👇🏾

https://anchor.fm/yojourneystartshere/episodes/What-Your-Valentines-Day-Gift-Says-About-You-e35acc Remember ladies Vday ❤️is tomorrow and what you receive depends on you!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Tune in and get some tips on how you can get your spouse/partner to give you gifts that show you’re worthy!!!! Olivia❣️

Start Your Morning Off in Prayer🙏🏾

#selflove #morningprayer 🙏🏾Precious Father, I marvel at the way You love me from immaturity to maturity, from brokenness to wholeness. You don’t berate me for my blunders or belittle me for my weakness. You meet me in those places and make me strong. You bind up my wounds so they can heal. You give restContinue reading “Start Your Morning Off in Prayer🙏🏾”

How to Combat Being Alone in 4 Quick Steps👇🏾

#selflove ❣️I know it’s easier said than done, but being alone is ok? Stop jumping into relationships because you can’t stand the loneliness! Here are 4 Tips to help combat the lonely days. Use these steps to help you stop feeling the need for companionship. 👇🏾 💞Get Comfortable Being Alone Enjoy your own company. TakeContinue reading “How to Combat Being Alone in 4 Quick Steps👇🏾”

Start Your Day in Prayer….

#selflove #morningprayer 🙏🏾Today is a new beginning. Help me to start my life over beginning today with the power of self-love. Help me to enjoy my life, to enjoy my relationships, to explore life, to take risks, to be alive and to no longer live in fear of love. Let me open my heart toContinue reading “Start Your Day in Prayer….”

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Love Letter To Yourself❣️

#selflove 💓Ok, ladies, we are focusing on Self-Love so I want to know how much do you love yourself! Drop a few lines in the comments, but here’s the catch😉 You can only use these words: beautiful, amazing, lovable, brilliant, ladylike, easy-going, ambitious, feisty, fierce, and empowered! If you like please DM me and I’llContinue reading “Love Letter To Yourself❣️”

Morning Self~Love Prayer

#selflove #morningprayer ❣️ Let me love myself without judgment, because when I judge, I carry blame and guilt, I have the need for punishment, and I lose the perspective of your love. Strengthen my will to forgive myself in this moment. Clean my mind of emotional poison and self-judgment so I can live in completeContinue reading “Morning Self~Love Prayer”

Morning Self Love ❤️ Prayer

Starting today, help me to love myself so much that I never set up any circumstances that go against me.  I can live my life being myself and not pretending to be someone else just to be accepted by other people.  I no longer need other people to accept me or tell me how goodContinue reading “Morning Self Love ❤️ Prayer”

🙏🏾Don’t forget to start your day in prayer….learning to love yourself is key to loving others, success, and joy ❣️ Let my self-love be the power that changes the dreams of my life.  With this new power in my heart, the power of self-love, let me transform every relationship I have, beginning with the relationshipContinue reading