I started my Keto Diet🙌🏾😫

Well, it’s official I started the Keto diet on yesterday. I’m happy and hungry at the same time. 😋Hubby has been on it for about 7 months and lost over a hundred pounds. I’m only trying to lose about 10-20. Since I’ve stopped drinking, I started eating. I’m up to 186 lbs., this was tooContinue reading “I started my Keto Diet🙌🏾😫”

Goals, Are You Ready to Crush Them⁉️

✨Have so many goals written down but not putting them into action, let me help✨ Download my ”Crushing Goals and Achieving Success” PDF Now!👇🏾What’s Inside: 🔹Goal Basics 🔹Stop Fantasizing 🔹Start Committing 🔹Start Starting 🔹Visualize The Process Not the Outcome 🔹Avoid The What-The-Hell Effect 🔹Shifting Focus 🔹Forget The Goal, What’s The Aim 🔹Know When To StopContinue reading “Goals, Are You Ready to Crush Them⁉️”

Goal Setting Affirmations

• Today I will take one step toward my dreams. • My mind is clear, focused and energised. • Giving up is easy and always an option so let’s delay for another day. • Action is the energy that translates my thoughts into reality. • My daily process goals inspire me to action every day.Continue reading “Goal Setting Affirmations”

Tuesday Tips for a ’Better You’ 😊

We all could use some tips to get us going this week to be successful: Take care of your bodies! What could you do better to be healthier? Feed your soul! How do you recharge? Are you reading, listening to a motivational podcast or Youtube. Set boundaries!Setting boundaries doesn’t mean you are unfriendly, just don’tContinue reading “Tuesday Tips for a ’Better You’ 😊”

Road To a Better You!

Self-improvement is a major need that just about everyone on the planet has. Both men and women, alike, desire to become greater versions of who they currently are. It is either a person wants to become healthier, wealthier, stronger, or more attractive to the opposite dex. No matter who it is, I can assure youContinue reading “Road To a Better You!”

Thursday’s Affirmations

Today’s affirmations were right on time this morning, yesterday I had to literally sit back and reanalyse my life. I had to realize that looking back on my past, dwelling on past hurts just wasn’t something I need to do. I had to remember not to go down that road of resentment. So I lookedContinue reading “Thursday’s Affirmations”

Speaking My Affirmations into my Soul!

On yesterday I was tempted to get a little weary and wanted to cry! I was in a drug store picking up some things to clean my face with, keeping up your hygiene is also a great self-improvement move. I remember the days of going days without doing my hair and showering, but that’s anotherContinue reading “Speaking My Affirmations into my Soul!”