Well it has hit me!!☹️🎄

Yes I do…all I have done this morning is cry! Last night I got some troubling news from my son, who only has 24 days to go and it just breaks my hurt. It wasn’t anything bad, I just think this girl and her family trying to use him. (more on that later) I justContinue reading “Well it has hit me!!☹️🎄”

Is It Possible to Feel Sad and Happy at Once🤔

So it’s raining out and I’m feeling a little bit sad, but happy! Happy I’m going out with friends tonight for dinner, nothing fancy just enjoying each other. I really need this company today, because I’m about to fall apart. Well have the date of when my grand baby will be here, although I’m totallyContinue reading “Is It Possible to Feel Sad and Happy at Once🤔”

Feeling A Bit Iffy Today!

Good Tuesday morning, woke up today feeling a bit iffy. Yesterday I didn’t do anything because I felt like crap, don’t know if it’s the meds or what. I’m a little nauseous and weary. I took my meds this morning, but not before guilt, sadness, and worthlessness sneaked in. I said my prayers to shakeContinue reading “Feeling A Bit Iffy Today!”

Charlie Brown’s Existential Crisis Saved My Life – The Coffeelicious

https://thecoffeelicious.com/charlie-browns-existential-crisis-saved-my-life-a9053a90d732 What a great read, and a perfect way to sum up what a child having anxiety may understand. I wonder if I was this way as a child, I always felt some type of way but couldn’t explain it. Of course know adult in my life, wouldn’t dare discuss it! I enjoyed this article!Continue reading “Charlie Brown’s Existential Crisis Saved My Life – The Coffeelicious”