Well me and WordPress are at it again, my blog seems to be acting up again and it’s making me sad. I had so much good content over the last couple of days and no of it posted to the blog. So I’m trying to think happy, but this little mess up is putting meContinue reading “Yes….but!!!”

And So This Happened…..

Wow, I’m finally back up and running after so many technical difficulties. So last week my brain was fried for a bit, instead of putting the frozen sweet peas for my dog in microwave….I ended up pressing 1 minute with my Iphone in the microwave. Yes…don’t ask? My phone was completely cooked:( I was without aContinue reading “And So This Happened…..”

Sunday Thoughts!

Good morning, I sit here at my computer in so much pain. Pain in my heart, brain and body. I can’t understand how I got to this place. I’m no longer the happy, cheeerful, funny lady. This diease has a mind of it’s own. I spent all day in bed yesterday only getting up to walk the dog.Continue reading “Sunday Thoughts!”

Trying to Keep My Shit Together while Depressed!

So I have been sitting around the house trying to find things to do and to my surprise I found myself back in bed today. Told myself I would cook something fun, clean out a closet, and then finish working on my many projects. Well that didn’t go to well today, and I’m a littleContinue reading “Trying to Keep My Shit Together while Depressed!”

Wednesday Wisdom!

Good morning bloggers, so overnight since I didn’t sleep again some new ideas were twirling around in my mind. I will be taking my blog in a different direction for just a little while, I will now walk you all through my day as I try to self-heal. One of the things I have decidedContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom!”

Just A Little!!!

Well what a difference a day can make, was feeling pretty good all day and then I had to drive home from work. Sometimes when I’m left alone, I can be pretty dangerous to myself and I just hate that. I was listening to some talk radio and someone mentioned on the show about notContinue reading “Just A Little!!!”