Saturday Morning Vibes

So I spent yesterday after work in bed, you know like I use to when I was severely depressed. I didn’t much care for that shit at all, I didn’t get anything done. Feeling so lost about my son, but staying in bed isn’t going to change a damn thing. “Radical Acceptance” this is whatContinue reading “Saturday Morning Vibes”

Random Thoughts 

Happy Tuesday, hoping it’s going well for you all. I’m having a pretty good day today, despite my wild crazy dream😂I dreamed of fried fish, now I’m totally obsessed with interpreting dreams. Today this one stated, I may become pregnant soon😫😳😳😳😂Omg I would just die. I’m a 40 year old Gigi, and will never haveContinue reading “Random Thoughts “

Feeling a bit iffy today….

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m just waking up for the 2nd time today. Didn’t sleep because I was mentally tired, but because I did a little partying last night. 😊All that dancing 💃 did my mind some good, but my body is a damn wreck😂 I absolutely had the best damn time. So I get upContinue reading “Feeling a bit iffy today….”

I’m Truly Tired…but for once it’s not Mentally 👏🏽

Gd evening all, literally this little pic actually shows where I’m at physically. My battery is almost on low. This has been a long but pretty good week. Now, I know it’s not over because tomorrow is Friday the 13th and any damn thing can happen. Yes, as you know I’m a little superstitious😂so tomorrowContinue reading “I’m Truly Tired…but for once it’s not Mentally 👏🏽”

Thanks New Followers

Greetings and many thanks to all my new followers!! Thanks for finding my blog life amusing, I’m not the best writer, just writing from my heart at times!! It’s just my way of coping with depression, anxiety, and hardships. Hoping that I’m saying something that helps at least one of you! Thanks again! Ms.Fran 

Tuesday Morning Thoughts!!!

Well I’m suppose to be working this morning, but my client forgot to leave the key so here I am. Here I am, sitting at my computer a little upset with myself. Upset because I don’t have a backup plan when things like this come up. Financially I can’t afford to stay home everyday, andContinue reading “Tuesday Morning Thoughts!!!”

Aww Sunday!

Happy Sunday all, wow it’s been a busy weekend and I’m a little exhausted. Finally had my yard sale, and it went pretty well. My Clemson Tigers played their first home game on yesterday, I’m super excited it’s football season again. The air seems a little cooler and I’m about ready for those leaves toContinue reading “Aww Sunday!”

And That’s Not a Bad Thing!

Greetings bloggers, since I have decided to steer my energy away from my depressed self. I have a really had a good couple of days, I met with my therapist and I go back again today. So this week is shaping up to be pretty good. With that being said, since I have been focusingContinue reading “And That’s Not a Bad Thing!”