Tuesday was much Better….

Happy Halloween again! I’m super happy this day is coming to an end, I hate to be such a grouch, but them kids drive me crazy. After all the recent break ins around here, opening my door to some kid in a mask today freaks me the hell out! Sorry…so I didn’t pass out anyContinue reading “Tuesday was much Better….”

Let’s See What Monday and the Week Brings!🤔

Happy Monday…man it really comes fast doesn’t it? I guess a lot of you all are off today and kids out of school. I hate leaving my house on Monday’s 😒but have to take dad out and got a therapy appointment today. I’m kind of excited to see her, need to get some things offContinue reading “Let’s See What Monday and the Week Brings!🤔”

Because Mines Actually Did!!!!

Well just like I was hoping, getting out the house today was absolutely wonderful. I worked really hard today and even manage to do a lot of laughing. My clients are the best, they always make me feel so loved. They don’t treat me like the maid, but more like a really close family memberContinue reading “Because Mines Actually Did!!!!”

I’m Falling Apart…literally🤕

So after being told I may have breast cancer, fibrosis, and arthritis. I went one more time to get a 5th opinion, and they did all kinds of heart stuff. I’m like NO! It’s under my breast and the pain is unbearable dude!!!! After he saw I was serious and mad, they put me inContinue reading “I’m Falling Apart…literally🤕”


Good Saturday all, I’m up and excited that today I finally get to share my news with you all. Yesterday was a complete diaster, but I remained calm and prepared myself for today. So you all know that I have been spreading the word about mental health in the black community and I wanted toContinue reading “Yay!”

I Didn’t Celebrate the 4th and it’s ok!

Good morning all, I’m up and ready to get some things done. I have all sorts of new things in the works and while I have the motivation I’m going to keep it moving. So hoping the 4th was good for you all, mines was down right boring. Now, let me explain….last year this timeContinue reading “I Didn’t Celebrate the 4th and it’s ok!”