Your Morning Prayer 🙏🏾

Precious Lord, I know You want this for me. I want this for me. Help me to retrain my thoughts and reframe my perspective. I marvel at how often my thoughts take me downward. But like an eagle that soars in the sky, You call me to set my sights on things above. I needContinue reading “Your Morning Prayer 🙏🏾”

Morning Prayer Loving Who You Are…..

God, help me love the life I live right now. Show me the good things I often overlook and help me be content with what I have. Forgive me when I compare myself to others, forgive me for longing for things outside of you and your kingdom. Thank you for loving me right where IContinue reading “Morning Prayer Loving Who You Are…..”

Start Your Day In Prayer….

Comfort and relieve those who are troubled in mind and spirit. Bring them hope, peace and the consolation of a loving community. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Grant patience and courage to the families and friends of those who are ill. Increase their perseverance as they face challenges to recovery for their lovedContinue reading “Start Your Day In Prayer….”

Morning Prayer 🙏🏾

Father, You know all of my thoughts and the attitudes of my heart. May my spoken words and unspoken thoughts be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.  You gave me Your Word as a weapon to fight impure and unholy thoughts. Your Word is alive and more powerful than anyContinue reading “Morning Prayer 🙏🏾”

Morning Prayer…Clarity

Hear my cry, O Lord, and listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth, I will call out to you when my heart struggles and becomes overwhelmed. Lead me to a rock and everlasting life that is higher than I. Know my heart and thoughts. If there are any wicked thoughts within me,Continue reading “Morning Prayer…Clarity”

Good Monday Morning 😃

Lord, bless our journey through this coming week. May the pace be steady, paths made safe, no obstacles impede, and conversations with fellow travellers be fruitful and uplifting. Lord, bless our journey through this coming week. (Courtesy of faith and Have an amazing week, remember no matter what the day looks like…you already gotContinue reading “Good Monday Morning 😃”

Morning Prayer…Self-Love💕

Starting today, dearest Father, help me to live my life being myself and not pretending to be someone else. Help me to love and accept everyone else the way you created them. Please give me wisdom enough, love enough and courage enough to seek your way, your truth and follow it in all I do.Continue reading “Morning Prayer…Self-Love💕”

Start Your Day Off in Prayer

Lord, thank you for your abundant, abounding grace. Thank you that we don’t have to earn a drop of the mighty river of grace that flows freely for us today. Thank you for the unexpected, unmerited favor you’ve showered on my life. Help me put myself in the path of your love and grace. HelpContinue reading “Start Your Day Off in Prayer”