I Survived Monday!!

Yay, I survived today and continued to have positive thoughts all day. This time last week, I was all in a funk but not today. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me this is huge. Small steps people, small steps! I can’t remember having a better Monday thisContinue reading “I Survived Monday!!”

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Happy Monday and First day of Spring, it really didn’t feel like that walking the pup this morning. Spring has sprung and usually I’m jumping for joy, because I like nothing better than being in my garden. This is a time of year when my anxiety is pretty low, I love planting flowers and veggies.Continue reading “Spring Has Sprung!!!”

Feeling Thankful This Morning!!

Good Morning all, woke up feeling pretty good today. Besides the drowsy feeling I’m still feeling from being sick all week, other than that I’m Good. I got up a little late, packed the dog in the car and headed to the park. Today I played music on my iPod instead of the doom andContinue reading “Feeling Thankful This Morning!!”

Morning Thoughts!

Good morning all, kind of late posting didn’t have a house to clean so I went over to dads and finished putting up his Christmas decorations. It’s nothing fancy but he was very grateful and loved his little tree. Woke up this morning feeling awesome again, body was on point and I didn’t feel grouchy.Continue reading “Morning Thoughts!”