Some Days are Better than Others!

Sometimes left to myself I get kind of sad and low, my husband for once notice I wasn’t feeling happy today. Some days are better than others, today isn’t that day! I miss my son so much and being so far away from him makes it even worse, I just still can’t wrap my mindContinue reading “Some Days are Better than Others!”

Day 7: A Mom is Sentence Too!

Well it’s only been about seven days, and time seems to be going really slow. I try keeping busy which makes the day go by for me, but then I realize he is two hours behind us, so time is espescially slow for him. I really miss him an awful lot, and can’t wait toContinue reading “Day 7: A Mom is Sentence Too!”

So I Made it Back!!!

Happy Sunday all, I made it back safely from my Texas trip. We had to come in early, because of the storm we thought was going to hit South Carolina. I was devastated, but better safe than sorry. Even though we dodge a bullet, we are still not out of the woods just yet. SendingContinue reading “So I Made it Back!!!”

And That’s Not a Bad Thing!

Greetings bloggers, since I have decided to steer my energy away from my depressed self. I have a really had a good couple of days, I met with my therapist and I go back again today. So this week is shaping up to be pretty good. With that being said, since I have been focusingContinue reading “And That’s Not a Bad Thing!”

And It Continues😔

Instead of 4 in the morning, it’s 3! Been up for hours now crying my eyes out. Is this a joke, could God just be teasing me? Things were going so good for me, then all of sudden. Sadness, despair, hopeless, and guilt starts to come around again. Do these feeling ever go away? I’mContinue reading “And It Continues😔”

Yes I Do!

Well I might as well come right on out and tell ya, I have been slipping back into my little dark tunnel. This last couple of weeks have been exhausting from once again trying to wear that mask. That “I’m Ok” mask, but I’m not feeling well and it’s bumming me out. All I haveContinue reading “Yes I Do!”

Not Much Sex….while in a Depressive State!

Well lately you all have read me going on about my new ebook coming soon, Sex and Depression. This topic hits home for me, and I wanted to see if others out there in the universe can relate. We so often talk about how depression makes us feel mentally, but what about physically? What doesContinue reading “Not Much Sex….while in a Depressive State!”

Father’s Day Memories!

Happy Father’s Day to all my WordPress followers who are dads, hope your day is full of love. This day makes me a little sad, because my dad isn’t the same dad as 3 years ago. He is now stuck in a stroke body, using a walker, can barely get around. See I don’t haveContinue reading “Father’s Day Memories!”

So I ran away…..and got help!!!

So where did I last leave off?? Oh yeah….I was upset at the hubby and life so I decided to run away. I got in my car that night with nothing but bad thoughts on my mind, I wanted to run away but had no place to go. Didn’t want to bother my friends, familyContinue reading “So I ran away…..and got help!!!”