July Is National Minority Mental Health Month!

July is National Minority Mental Health Month, and this is really close to my heart. Being a black woman who is suffering from a mental illness, I know all to well the stigma that is attached to it in our communities. I still get people telling me to “pray it away”, or “you shouldn’t beContinue reading “July Is National Minority Mental Health Month!”

Ways You Can Help Me and others who suffer from mental illness!

Good morning, day 3 on my journey of spreading the word about Mental Illness! Talked my little head off yesterday with several people who explained that this was such a common disease. Funny I don’t feel that way, and still face the painful stigma from family and so-called friends who think I should “get overContinue reading “Ways You Can Help Me and others who suffer from mental illness!”

Today I Shared My Story!

Going Mental, lol I love this!! Yes, today I went a little mental and was telling everyone I could about mental illness and my journey. Today I opened up to some of the teachers at my school, and some parents. To my surprise a parent who was going through a divorce opened up and spilledContinue reading “Today I Shared My Story!”