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Remember taking action requires you to have faith in yourself – especially when everything and everyone around you is telling you that you cannot do it. In the end, you have to remember that you know yourself best. You know what you are capable of, and if you believe that your vision is within reach then don’t ”abort the process” when difficulties arise.

God created your vision for you…💪🏾

Have an awesome ✨ and blessed week!

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Mindset Monday



◾️The mind can be a great help to your personal development success. When we are focused and highly motivated, the minds gives us confidence and strength to face any situation. On the other hand, when things are not going too well, our brain habitually switches to the negative mode. The result is that we become riddled with self-doubt, depressed and lose focus and faith in ourselves. The upside is that you can learn to condition your mind. If you do that successfully, you will more likely to stay in a positive state for longer periods and help you get things back on track when things do not go your way.

Here are the five tips for mind mastery:

✔️Know your goals

Compelling goals are unique motivators, as they give you a higher purpose and supply you with a drive to keep things on track. If your goals excite you, then they will help your brain to remain motivated and positive.

✔️Control what goes in

Control and filter information that goes into your mind. Avoid filling your brain with depressing and fearful news. If possible, limit media intake as too much of it may lead you to believe subconsciously, that the world is a scary, unpredictable and that control of our fate is not in our own hands.

✔️Relieve past successes

First, you have to deliberately take a mental snapshot of your life when you are feeling on top of the world. Identify with this experience, and remember of specifics such as the sounds and smell during the process. Repeat this feeling with each successful step that leads you closer to your goal.

Besides that, whenever your mind slips into a negative patterns, relive this empowering state and increase the feelings of success, by brightening the colours and making the sounds louder. THis will all lead your mind back to its positive state.

✔️Quieten your thoughts

This can be achieved by meditation. If you are new to this, start by simply sitting queietly and learning to focus on your breathing. It will make you feel more calm, positive and relaxed.

Besides that, always live in the moment, and not worry yourself about what is going to happen in the future or regret your past as it will create unnecessary negative energy with hinders you from truly being happy, just as you are.

✔️Keep it in perspective

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Life has its inevitable ups and down, and everything in between. It is part of life so do not beat yourself up when things go wrong. If you dislike the situation you are in, you must realise that you have the power to change it. Just try and enjoy every moment of every day of your life.

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