Now how cute is this?😊Maybe mindfulness could stop bullying…you think? Ms. Fran<< p>

Snow Day and Mindfulness

Happy snow day for some I guess, because I haven’t seen on damn flake😂! That’s ok because I decided to finish brushing up on my mindfulness practice and setting my Echo Show to play meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️ music. I love this new gadget, you can program it to do just about about anything! Hell Alexa isContinue reading “Snow Day and Mindfulness”


The truism about this subject matter falls within the contextual terms of “depression’ and ‘anxiety’ before proper proceedings on the subsets of the act of mindfulness, let us define the state of mindfulness and know its prerogative link with depression and anxiety . From the English advanced learner’s dictionary, it defined mindfulness as an actContinue reading “HOW TO PRACTICE MINDFULNESS TO HELP WITH DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY”

Building Mastery/Mindfulness

If you are struggling with problems like being overwhelmed, over thinking, or overreacting. Then some of these skills I learned in my session on yesterday can probably help. Our mind can be our worse enemy: how many times have you experienced these things: criticizing yourself, or letting others do it Missing out on what someoneContinue reading “Building Mastery/Mindfulness”