You Want Peace? Take a Look in the Mirror Dear….

That’s all it takes to change the world. Take a long hard look in the mirror and really notice who you are. We’re all screaming for peace right now – not just world peace – but peace in our cities, in our workplaces, in our homes and in our minds. There has to be aContinue reading “You Want Peace? Take a Look in the Mirror Dear….”

Mental Health Awareness

#mindfulness #mentalhealthawareness 3 Quick Steps To Practice Mindfulness Step One: Journal 📔 Your Thoughts Right down what you are thinking about first thing in the morning how you want your day to go, then again at night to reflect on the day! Don’t let your past creep in, don’t let what happen yesterday creep in…justContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness”

Mindfulness and Mental Health

If one has to explain Mindfulness in a sentence, it means being completely and absolutely present in the current moment. Mindfulness has become an instrument in the field of psychology;it is widely used these days in order to treat people suffering from various mental illnesses. How does it help? It Shows People a New PerspectiveContinue reading “Mindfulness and Mental Health”

Some Ted Talks on Mindfulness🗣

Each of these videos were very interesting and gave the practice of mindfulness from different perspectives. I especially liked Andy (1st) because he only needed a short time to explain mindfulness to us. He was funny and quirky about it! Diana (2) pretty much went into mindfulness and the benefits of practicing it, I wasContinue reading “Some Ted Talks on Mindfulness🗣”

How to let go of the past and love yourself | Well+Good Mindfulness can also be a part of self improvement, we tend to hold on to our past baggage. Let go and focusing on a brighter future, can be productive. You are what you think 🤔<< p>

Self Improvement and Why it’s Important

Happy Tuesday all, so as you know if your reading my blog,(if not I’m going to need you to subscribe) NOW!! LOL I have been on this road to recovery and trying all sorts of things to keep me from falling back into that hole. In order to start this process I gave up drinking,Continue reading “Self Improvement and Why it’s Important”