Today I shared my story again! 😊

Hello everyone, yes I know it’s been a little while. (More on that in next post) I’ve been doing great since my last post a week or so ago. Controlling my thoughts with the help of my new meds and only responding to things I can control. I haven’t felt much like writing, but todayContinue reading “Today I shared my story again! 😊”

Hopeful but Hopeless 😩 

Hmm does that title make sense? Can you have hope, but feel so completely hopeless all the time? I get up every morning hoping, then go to bed after the world shouts “NO” feeling hopeless. Nothing goes right, people aren’t right, and I physically just can’t deal. I literally just want to stay in theContinue reading “Hopeful but Hopeless 😩 “

One of those days again….

Hello bloggers, it’s only Tuesday and I’m over the week already. No matter what I do, life just keeps throwing this curve ball my way. I could barely keep it together last night, had 2 attacks back to back felt like my life was coming to an end again. After getting up and moving aroundContinue reading “One of those days again….”

New Movement To Silence The Shame About Mental Health  This is awesome for the black community, which constantly continues to shame most for having a mental illness! Again I say people “just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”!!! 

Ways You Can Help Me and others who suffer from mental illness!

Good morning, day 3 on my journey of spreading the word about Mental Illness! Talked my little head off yesterday with several people who explained that this was such a common disease. Funny I don’t feel that way, and still face the painful stigma from family and so-called friends who think I should “get overContinue reading “Ways You Can Help Me and others who suffer from mental illness!”