Feeling Alone in a Sea of Friends!

Good morning, it’s Tuesday and I’m feeling a bit sad today. Yes, I know that’s usually on Monday’s but not this time. I survived Monday, but I think Monday was mad it didn’t get me down so it whispered to Tuesday to do the job. Woke up feeling pretty good after a good sleep, IContinue reading “Feeling Alone in a Sea of Friends!”

My Week In Review

So I’m up as usual about 4:00 a.m. my time, hello 4 been waiting on you. !!! Well I went to bed pretty early, because I was totally exhausted this week and could no longer hold my eyes open. Friday came crashing down around me like some energy drink, I’m just doomed by the endContinue reading “My Week In Review”

Friday Darlings….

Good morning all, well it’s Friday and I made it through another week! Last week this time, I got the bad news about my son and couldn’t even deal. Well here we are ending another week and life didn’t get me down. This morning after reading scriptures, the question was “What would you ask GodContinue reading “Friday Darlings….”

Book Release Today!!!

Depression is a condition which has become almost epidemic in recent years. The number of people who are attending doctor’s across the country and internationally, has increased beyond anything which couldn’t have been imagine even a few years ago, and it is particularly prevalent in African-Americans. In this book, you will be given an inside view ofContinue reading “Book Release Today!!!”