Feeling a bit iffy today….

It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m just waking up for the 2nd time today. Didn’t sleep because I was mentally tired, but because I did a little partying last night. 😊All that dancing 💃 did my mind some good, but my body is a damn wreck😂 I absolutely had the best damn time. So I get upContinue reading “Feeling a bit iffy today….”

Just Trying to Get Better

Happy Saturday evening you all, it’s been a little while. I wanted and needed to take a break from life and try to cope. This week to say the last was pretty hard on me and once again I felt like throwing in the towel. As most of you know, that court case was hoveringContinue reading “Just Trying to Get Better”

Early 4 a.m Thoughts 💭 

Well I’m up at my usual time, not because I’m worried or dwelling in self doubt! I’m up because I’m thinking about all the things I have going on. Lately I’ve been moving in the right direction, trying to get my life back on track. I’ve been praying, hoping, and believing. Things seemed to beContinue reading “Early 4 a.m Thoughts 💭 “

Princess Diana Talks Mental Health In Newly Uncovered Interviews

I love hearing stories about this Princess, I was a little younger back then and was so in awe of her. To hear that she suffered  from what so many of us common folks suffer with. I could only imagine the ‘mask’ she had to wear, having to be perfect because all of our eyesContinue reading “Princess Diana Talks Mental Health In Newly Uncovered Interviews”

I’m Falling Apart…literally🤕

So after being told I may have breast cancer, fibrosis, and arthritis. I went one more time to get a 5th opinion, and they did all kinds of heart stuff. I’m like NO! It’s under my breast and the pain is unbearable dude!!!! After he saw I was serious and mad, they put me inContinue reading “I’m Falling Apart…literally🤕”

I Ran Out Of Steam 😞

Well I knew the day would come, and I was dreading it. I’ve been on this emotional high, then I came crashing down like some street drug. I ran out steam, confidence, and hope! Yesterday was not a good day at all, my mind was all over the place and I couldn’t make it stop.Continue reading “I Ran Out Of Steam 😞”

Tuesday Motivation 🤗

Well I’ve heard this quote several times in my dark moments, but never believed it was true! Man….what a difference a month makes!!  I do believe life is tough and damn right so am I. I was in a bad place, couldn’t see my way through but here I stand after all that. I stillContinue reading “Tuesday Motivation 🤗”