Do You Know The Advantages of Being Confident….

Good day friends,  how many of you know the advantages of being confident????

Confidence was something I had to learn all over again after depression and anxiety took it away, but I regained it and look out can't tell me me nothing now!!! I'm confident in all things I do and you can be that way as on👇🏾

Almost all successes and attainments in life come from your ability to feel certain that you can accomplish what you set out to achieve. Confidence is the gateway to success; to the life that you wish to lead and to the dreams that you desire to live.

With confidence you can boldly progress towards your ambitions and aspirations. With confidence you can rise up and handle life’s demands and challenges. You can tackle any hurdle and obstruction, and move on to the next step of your journey to fulfilment and achievement.

One of the principle requirements to anything you want to do in your life is confidence. Confidence is an indispensable part of your development, betterment, progress and success, both at a personal and professional level. With confidence you can forge ahead to fulfil your potential and perform at your peak level.

Having confidence is the crux that allows you to achieve your true potential in whatever situation; in your relationships, your work or career, your finances and your self-image.

When you experience a lack of confidence, it may stop you from striving for what you want. This feeling of lack of confidence can be the root of many complications and hardships that block you from achieving your desires. It can be like a large thorn that continually bursts the bubble of desire.

There may have been times when you have felt a level of confidence when you were engaged in an activity that you were good at; such as driving a car, being a parent or managing your team. At those times you would have displayed a high level of certainty, which is a form of confidence.

However, there may have been other circumstances where you found that you felt less confident. On these occasions, you would achieve a fraction of what is truly possible for you. With determination and focus to pursue and gain confidence, you can develop the strength and fortitude to climb out of the depths of any circumstances, and take advantage of the opportunities and successes that lay ahead of you.

In the same way that you have learned to lack confidence, you can also learn to have unlimited confidence. And the simplest and quickest way to kick-start the engines of your brain, is to know and accept that confidence can be an acquired process; it can be learned and formatted to suit all moments.

As your confidence increases, you can take a front row seat in mastering many areas of your life. You will find that you become more and more comfortable and confident in multiple areas, including:
•	Moving ahead in your career 
•	Starting your own business
•	Embracing the risks of every day life
•	Refusing to be held back by fear
•	Creating circumstances rather than waiting for them
•	Smiling more and enjoying life 
•	Dramatically improving your health

Successful and dynamic people have gained mastery on how to feel courageous and confident. When you develop and build on your own confidence skills, you, too, will feel and become a different person. You will feel much more enthusiastic, motivated and determined in every aspect of your life.

Once you improve on the way you think and feel about yourself, your beliefs and your actions will follow. You will confidently overcome the challenges that life thrusts upon you and you will manage them with new-found belief and faith in your capability to do so.

As you become more confident you abandon worry, hesitation and, more importantly, you side-step fear. The focus here is on your whole being, every part of you; your thoughts, the images in your mind, your emotions, and ultimately your behaviour and the actual outcomes in your life.

Bear in mind that as you focus on change, change does begin to happen. It is fun, motivating and very rewarding to feel and see yourself growing and improving and becoming more confident and effective day-by-day and week-by-week.

There is great power in believing that you can succeed in your quest for greater confidence. With awareness and consistency, this is attainable. Your confidence can stretch beyond any measurable scale and further still, knowing no boundaries.

Just think of what you can do with all the confidence that you have! Have an amazing day friends...
Think on these things😊💕


Tuesday Thoughts…What if you looked on the inside for healing💫

Are you looking inwards for your healing? Here's why you should!👇🏾

People today are starting to recognize the value of self-talk. At one time people thought of those that talked to self as someone with a mental ailment. This is not true today. Experts are recognizing that self-talk is a healthy tool that we all can use to find answers to our questions and resolve many problems. 

At one time, people thought outer appearance made the person. However, today, people are starting to realize that beauty is skin deep, while inner beauty is to the bone. Today people are running to find ways to develop self. 

Recently, personality development courses opened to help these people find their way. Now, people are not spending countless of dollars on improving their looks, rather they are spending more time and money to find ways of healing the hidden self.😊

The hidden being is decided on the inner conscious. We all have several hidden personalities that we do not recognize. These personalities often come out, usually when feelings are expressed. 

To understand one’s feelings, one has to use his or her self-talk tools. Most of us can manage our job tasks on a daily schedule, but when it comes to managing our feelings and emotions, often it becomes a struggle. Using self-talk tools can change this behavior. 

As humans, we often struggle to abandon bad behaviors, or habits. The common problem we face today is greed. We see this by examining human behaviors. You probably noticed that on several occasions when a person made a small lump sum of cash, they often want more. Instead of accepting that they have what they need, many people will thrive to make more money, and often find themselves down and out at the end;  Life seems to be nothing more than the almighty dollar, i.e. most people’s goal in life. 

People tend to believe that they can attain happiness and love by making more money. The fact is these people often find themselves stressing, because they failed to realize that finding love, joy, and peace is the true road to self-development. Success or failure is not what makes a person. What makes a person is fighting through the hidden messages in the subliminal mind to discover self. 

We all battle emotional responses, such as anger, sadness, joy, et cetera and these emotions ignite from failures, depression, and success and so on. We all feel down at times. There is no way that we can escape the feeling of sadness, joy, anger, et cetera, but there is a way we can all take control of what we express and feel. 

Another problem we face is dependency. Many people in the world today depend on others to pick them up when they are down. This leads to major problems, simply because not one person has the power to heal you, but you. 

To work through all of these problems, we must depend on self, and develop a winning attitude to build confidence. By changing our approach, we can see that the world is our own based on how we accept it. If a body is unhappy, then the world will seem like a miserable place to live. One of the common sayings today is, “Life is a B, and then you die.” This entire negative is causing them to miss the benefits of living. 

In each of our lives, some of us are fortunate while others are unfortunate. We must realize that everything we endure takes place to help us learn. For instance, a severely traumatized person may have lived a life of overwhelming violence. There is a point to be made here. Of course, this person is the victim and has no responsibility of what has occurred in his or her life, yet the point is made clear at the end of this person’s journey. 

We can all live and learn from each other. Despite what type of life you have lived you can develop a positive attitude and win the game of life. By holding onto negative thoughts, you only defeat the purpose of living. Life is too short, so develop a winning attitude and healing the hidden self will fall into place.

Hope you enjoyed this post, healing from the inside has helped me a lot in my journey. I had to find out why I was depressed and how I could change the things on the inside…..

Have an awesome day friends…

Lady O💞

Life Empowerment Mentor/ Transformation Coach

Monday Motivation…..Setting Goals ✍🏾


Start your week off being intentional about your goals… order to be kick ass about them follow these tips:

1️⃣Improve Your Physical Health 🏃🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️
How in the world are you going to reach any goals with bad health? Remember when you had that cold, fever or aching back? Were you in any kind of mood to work on your life goals? I don’t think so. But when you start eating healthy and working out, all kinds of energy comes flooding in and whether it’s painting a room or starting a business, good physical health makes goals much easier to attain. So get off your butt and start taking care of your body. Good things will follow. Goals will be reached.

2️⃣Improve Your Mental Health🩺🧘🏾‍♀️
Living in a culture that bombards us with information, advertisements and infinite choice, as well as inflicting us with downsizing and other incredible job stressors, is taking a huge negative toll on our societies health. We are living in an age of chronic stress. All these stressors create enormous mind chatter and reducing this mind chatter is key. It’s important to realize that this mind chatter takes us away from the present moment. We end up worrying instead of enjoying the world around us. Try this. Take a grape and pop it in your mouth. Roll it around and feel the texture – taste that sweet juice. This is called practising mindfulness. Living in the present moment. Conscious reflection. Meditation. The more you are able to reduce that useless mind chatter, the more you live in the present moment and experience calmness and peace. A little conscious reflection or meditation is astonishingly powerful. Try it.

3️⃣Improve Your Financial Health💰
Money makes our world go around. We like money. There is nothing wrong with money. Money is our friend. The only time that money inflicts pain upon us is when we owe it. And why do we owe it? Because we live beyond our means. Because it is easy to get credit. Because our entire capitalistic society is on a treadmill of endless consumerism. Having good finances means freedom, control and increased opportunity. Bad finances provide handcuffs, stress, worry and no opportunity. So the choice is clear. Forget about status symbols and keeping up with the neighbours. It’s simple when it comes down to good financial health. Live within you means. That’s it. Let me repeat myself. Live with your means.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
Zig Ziglar

𝓞𝓵𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓪 𝓑. 𝓢𝓱𝓮𝓹𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓭

Life Empowerment Mentor/Transformation Coach

Random Thoughts 

Happy Tuesday, hoping it’s going well for you all. I’m having a pretty good day today, despite my wild crazy dream😂I dreamed of fried fish, now I’m totally obsessed with interpreting dreams. Today this one stated, I may become pregnant soon😫😳😳😳😂Omg I would just die. I’m a 40 year old Gigi, and will never have another child. It’s ok for them super stars, but not for my old ass😂! But this got me to thinking about my whole entire childhood up to my teens. Like if I knew what I knew now, I would not be in many of these crazy life situations. I wonder what would have happened if I had went to college back then, what if I didn’t get pregnant so early? Where would I be today? What would I be doing differently? Would kids have been on my mind now?I’m proud of my life(some what), I mean I didn’t end up a drug addict, didn’t have that baby at 12, and I definitely didn’t end up on the streets. So I’m really greatful after everything I went through back then, just was wondering what I would be doing now!? Oh well life has a funny way of testing you….chat soon!! 

Ms. Fran

A Little Sunday Lesson

Woke up this morning feeling a bit sick, but mentally my mind is clear and at peace. It’s been a long time since I have felt this way like for real, really not a care right now. I slept pretty good after a little Factime with my sweet grand baby, he is growing so much. He likes looking into the phone and seeing Gigi’s big pink scarf on her head. He’s also doing lots of laughing and cooing, and eating cereal now. I’m flying down to see him for my birthday next month. As you can tell I’m totally that granny who shows his pics to everyone who ask, lol! See on the bright side of all that is going on with my family, that little baby makes it all better and we all know we have to be strong for him. I was reading a story about a daughter who complained to her father about how hard life was, and she wanted to just give up. You know like how I want to every week. Well the dad apparently used an egg, potatoes, and a coffee bean to make his point of the story which totally made no sense to me. So as I continued to read on, he explained that all of these things faced the same adversity, going into hot water. However, each reacted differently, the potatoes went in hard and came out soft, the egg went in soft and came out hard, and the coffee which started off as beans were different. After they enter the water, they decided to change and become something totally new. WOW…..he then asked her, “which one are you?” The egg, potatoe, or the coffee bean? This got me to thinking, which one am I ? For so long I have been the potatoe, every time adversity knocks on my door I became soft and weak. I know longer want to be that damn potatoe, I use to be hard on the outside able to handle just about everything. Then depression came in and took over for a while, no longer can I let that happen. So apparently the moral of the story is, when adversity knocks at the door how will we react? I really enjoyed this short lesson and will print this story off and keep it in my journal. Who knew food came with lessons? Funny it would take food to make me listen, lol (inner fat girl)… Well I will leave you all with the link to find this story, it really help me put things in perspective this morning. I’m going to continue to cast my cares on the Lord and start this wonderful Sunday. Hoping you all do the same….chat soon!

Ms. Fran

So It’s Time to Choose Better Ones

Woke up this morning feeling pretty good, I was actually kicked out of bed by my hubby and dog. LOL! Neither one of us had to work this morning, so he decided to stay in bed and get some rest. As you all should know by now, I’m not a very good sleeper, so I’m up. Thinking about sipping on some coffee, YES! Coffee, I have never really like the stuff, but lately it’s been really relaxing sipping on a cup on my porch. My hubby is very happy about that, because he can drink coffee all damn day. So as I made it around to my office for prayer time, I saw a consistent theme of scriptures being presented in front of me. Mostly they all were about changing my habits, and letting God take care of everything. Now, of course I have read these same scriptures a thousand times, but they never really stick in my mind. Today I must say was different, I actually understood what the scriptures were pointing out. I have to change my habits, my bad habits, habits of being sad, habits of feeling like a failure. I mean I have drilled these bad habits into my mind and now I can’t seem to get them out. Also while reading, it said everything I am going through is just a test, and by the looks of it I’m failing with God bad. He’s not going to trust me with increase when I can’t be content where I’m at. I know we all struggle with this, and I’m wondering how many of you handle those things that life throws at you? I just have to stay focus on Him and not my problems. It gets so hard sometimes, but I have to put those coping skills to use. So I will be calling my therapist back today to continue my sessions, I can’t do this alone just yet and need all the help I can get. Well I’m off to walk the dog, and fix some breakfast….chat soon! Have a Terrific Tuesday…

Ms. Fran


A week in Review and a Lesson Learned for this Monday!

Good morning all, it’s been a couple of days since I posted. Last week started off super, than by Wednesday I was in complete meltdown. (also was out of meds) Things were being thrown at me from left to right, and I just didn’t have the strength to fight back. I was weak and I let life totally get the best of me last week, I’m still in place in my life that makes me sick. I cried, laid in the bed, didn’t fix my hair, and of course I avoided everyone. I even called my therapist and informed her that I was no longer going to be seeing her. Yes, it got that damn bad! I was sick to my stomach, and didn’t eat anything at all. Little did I know two days without my meds was not a good thing. No one informed me of the side effects that came along with not taking them. So the last part of the week was complete HOT MESS! I didn’t get anything done as usual, all I did was keep asking God to take this illness away from me. I forgot every coping skill I learned in therapy, I was just a damn mess. Then it hit me on Saturday, that I needed to ‘man up’, I needed to get out of bed and stop letting depression win all the time. Every time things don’t go the way I have plan, I crawl back into my shell and stay stuck there. I looked around my office and saw all the progress I have made, and decided that I have to fucking do better. I mean I have my second e-book sitting here ready for publish and I haven’t even released it yet. I have a new life certificate that I earned last week, new items in my store and my grand baby is turning three months old tomorrow. See, there are so many good things I have going on. I just can’t for the life me get my shit together! Oh well I wasted a whole 4 days being depressed, and withdrawn, accomplishing not one damn thing. I’m so mad I could scream. I feel like the world isn’t going to be waiting much longer for me to come around. Lately I’ve been so afraid to step out of my shell, I mean my anxiety is at an all time high right now. I that someone out there can relate to what I’m going through, but please don’t get stuck. Being stuck isn’t fun and it is crippling me. I just feel so helpless sometimes, and very embarrassed by this. Here I am a 40-year-old granny, who can’t get her shit together. This also bothers me, than back in my shell I go. LIfe shouldn’t be this hard, hell it probably isn’t, I just over think the whole damn thing. Well you live and learn, so I better get my ass up and get to adulting. Have a great week, and don’t get stuck. Chat soon…..

Ms. Fran