Feeling A Bit Iffy Today!

Good Tuesday morning, woke up today feeling a bit iffy. Yesterday I didn’t do anything because I felt like crap, don’t know if it’s the meds or what. I’m a little nauseous and weary. I took my meds this morning, but not before guilt, sadness, and worthlessness sneaked in. I said my prayers to shakeContinue reading “Feeling A Bit Iffy Today!”

So I Ran Away👏🏽

I’m gone, no clothes, no dog, no personal belongings! I’m just gone! Tonight my husband treated me like he never liked me or respected me. Now granted he was this way before earlier in the marriage but I thought he changed. NOT!!! He’s mad because I missed a student loan payment, like he didn’t knowContinue reading “So I Ran Away👏🏽”