14 Days of Self-Love ❣️Day 5

As you know I’m still teaching the women in my FB group Unleashing Your Mask all about the importance of self-love, and as promised I am sharing with you as well. I gave them a few tips about the importance of journaling πŸ“• so here you go: 14daysofselflove ❣️ Now, you all know how muchContinue reading “14 Days of Self-Love ❣️Day 5″

Gratitude Journal πŸ“” 12/5/18

Good morning friends, How good it is to talk to God! Formal prayer is important, but today I just want to pour out my heart and speak to God in my own words. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you as a friend. Thank you for listening to my prayers and understanding myContinue reading “Gratitude Journal πŸ“” 12/5/18”

Gratitude Journal πŸ“” 10/22/18

Happy Monday friends! ☺️ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. ~Ecc. 3:1 Look at the clock. ⌚️ What time is it? Is it time to go? Are you running out of time? I need more time! Lord, help me to stop and relax and enjoyContinue reading “Gratitude Journal πŸ“” 10/22/18”

Gratitude Journal 9/25/18 πŸ“’

After a frustrating day, a few minutes with a good book or a soul-renewing walk can give me a renewed perspective. So can a few minutes of prayer. God, thank you for easing my fears and frustrations and putting things in perspective. A few minutes God is always a great way to show your gratitudeContinue reading “Gratitude Journal 9/25/18 πŸ“’”

Gratitude Journal πŸ““ 9/17/18

Scripture: Matthew ~13:44 We all want to be happy, but joy goes much deeper. Joy is not based on circumstances or feelings, which change like the weather. True joy comes from a celebration of the heart over the things that do not change–things that come from God. Have a Wonderful Monday, Olivia❣️

Gratitude Journal πŸ““ 9/6/18 Gods Perfect Timing

God, I know you’re not in a hurry- Your plan for me are on time. You need no schedule or reminders For I’m always on your mind. I know you have drawn the mosaic And you’re fitting each tile in place. As I continue to follow your plan. Help me not to hurry or race.Continue reading “Gratitude Journal πŸ““ 9/6/18 Gods Perfect Timing”

Gratitude Journal πŸ““ 8/27/18

Good morning friends, as we start our day, please don’t forget to show gratitude. We often hesitate to extend help unless asked. We don’t want to interfere or overstep our boundaries, or we are afraid that our behavior will be misinterpreted. But an opportunity to assist others is a rare gift, and if your actionsContinue reading “Gratitude Journal πŸ““ 8/27/18”

Gratitude Journal 7/2/18 πŸ““

~Proverbs 17:17 Our sisters and our brothers mean so much to us. They give when we need their strength and listen when we need their strength and listen when we need their help. Sometimes a simple “thank you” is the most powerful message of love we can send to our siblings. It says so muchContinue reading “Gratitude Journal 7/2/18 πŸ““”