It’s all about moving on and finding purpose Injustices do happen and in prison you would find number of cases of those people who don’t belong to it but you can’t have control on each and every situation.  Everyone wants to embrace freedom but some unwanted situations and circumstances twist the wheel of life! Don’tContinue reading “A NOTE FOR MOMS DEALING WITH INCARCERATED CHILD”

A NOTE FOR MOMS DEALING WITH INCARCERATED CHILD: When the child is in womb of mother, she gets deeply connected to this little innocent soul. This connection is so strong, serene and pure that it crushes down remorselessly anything that stands in its path! Children are indeed gift of life to all moms and they relish this charm. This love knows no caste, colour, creed, law or pity and maybe that’s why this companionship lasts forever! When hurdles of incarceration come in way of this pious relationship then all it causes is heartbreak especially when justice is not done!