Ahhh! Saturday😊

Good morning, here from South Carolina where the storm has decided to just sit over us!🤷🏽‍♀️Still praying for our neighbors in North Carolina!

So this means we will be staying in all day waiting for this storm to pass!

Besides, I’m all bandaged up so there’s not much I can do anyway, but hop over to office and try to be creative.

Well I’ll be in touch the rest of the day, hoping the power doesn’t go out! Our lights have been blinking on and off😳

Whatever you have plan don’t forget to be Great at it!!!



I Think I’m Hurricane Flo Ready😃🌂🍕🍫🥤💻📺

My heart and prayers to my neighbors in North Carolina 🙏🏾

The hurricane is packing a mighty punch and everybody needs to follow the advice of the professionals.

I live in South Carolina about 2 hours away from where it’s coming from!

I am also in my bed with a knee brace and an arm brace, looking like I’ve been hit by a truck 😂

I’ve dealing with pain for about 4 weeks now, hopefully next week they will be able to tell me something.🤷🏽‍♀️

Other than that, I’m laying in bed waiting for the hurricane with a bunch of good old snacks, movies, and my laptop!

I pray we don’t get too much of what others have gotten so far. I’m praying for those who have already been hit by this monster storm.

So I will be posting a lot this weekend as we ride out this hurricane out!

Prayers again to our neighbors in North Carolina!

Hope all of you enjoy this Friday!

Olivia 💕