Six tips to help those in recovery avoid alcohol during the holidays | New York Amsterdam News: The new Black view

The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather and share laughs, memories and perhaps a drink or two. But for people recovering from an addiction, all that alcohol often present at special events can be worrisome.
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Great read, love the one about creating new traditions! My church will be toasting with sparkling grape juice, it will still be so cheerful and festive!! 🥂



What Is Your Dream Gift 🎁

🎄So the holidays are just around the corner and we all will be giving out gifts 🎁 fulfilling the dreams of our little ones or friends/family, but if you had just one dream gift 🎁 What Would It Be?

I would love to know, maybe Santa 🎅 is listening and does Social Media ☺️👇🏾


(Holiday Fairy 🧚🏾‍♀️)

Well I Made it Through the Week!!

Happy Holidays ya’ll, it’s Saturday and I haven’t gotten any shopping done for the rest of my friends and family. I have decided to just shop online and be done with it. My anxiety is too much for the crowds out there in the malls, but everybody looks so happy to be spending all their damn money, lol! Well I manage to make  it through the end of the week without falling completely apart. Both of my groups this week were very helpful, and I had dinner with my Ivory my sweet friend. He constantly lets me just rant and go on without telling me to shut up, lol! I’m trying to keep really busy as the time counts down, I have some orders for bracelets, I’m putting together a new FB group and working on lots of new things for 2018. I was even thinking of hosting a little late night dinner with my mom and sister, but that idea just went straight pass me. I really don’t want to be alone this year, I feel like if I’m left alone I will melt down. I need some laughter in my life, but my mom and sister work my damn nerve. The more I’m around my mom, the worse I feel. I don’t  know if I mentioned that I hired her to work with me in the afternoons twice a week. Once again trying to take care somebody when I’m fortunate enough to share. She really needs the extra cash and I try to get her out the house more, but I just can’t bear to be around her for too long. I love her to death, but when I see her life style I’m just so depressed. She’s only 63 years old and acts like she’s 75, mom doesn’t come her hair, put on clothes, or even get out and date. It makes me sad, that I have one parent I’m taking care of  already and now I feel like I’m doing the same with her, just wish she would get herself together. I keep thinking if I’m constantly around them, I will never be more than I am right now. You all know my story, and that I have started doing things a lot late in life, but I don’t want to be pulled back in. Don’t want to be pulled in to that, ‘I’m just ok life’! I just want so much more, and I’m not going to let my circumstances hold me back. They just seem the same way from year to year, and I’m just so scared that they want to let me go. I told my hubby that I wanted to find someone or my sister to take care of dad, so me and him can move to another state. The only thing is dad probably would be crushed if I did that. That’s another topic, I feel so stuck with him even though he’s not living with me anymore. Oh well not going to bore you all with my sadness. So wishing you all a great Saturday, chat soon….

Ms. Fran


Hello December 👋🏽😊

Well the last month of the year is upon us, and I’m ready to end this year with a bang!!! I get to celebrate my grand baby’s first Christmas. During this time I also adopt two elderly people to give gifts to, if only to put a little smile on their faces. Even when I didn’t have much money last year, God made a way to see that I had the gifts for my adopted seniors. My heart is so full this year, hearing holiday songs, seeing the trees, and all the people laughing as they go about their day. I couldn’t imagine this year, I really thought life was done with me. So as we celebrate with our friends and families, please don’t forget about those who are suffering in silence. The holidays can be hard for those of us who deal with mental illness. So check on your loved ones from time to time, no you can’t see their pain, but it’s there. Chat soon….

Happy Holidays

Ms. Fran

Christmas Is Gone!

Hello world, I’m back up at my desk after a great Christmas with my boys. We slept most of the day because I am still feeling bad and I tried to fight it, but this cold has taking over my body. It feels like the flu but not sure since I haven’t gone to doctors. Any who, Christmas has come and gone and now I’m stuck with taking down all the decorations. As the decorations come down, so does my spirit I no longer have to continue being merry. Reality has set in again that the end of 2016 is coming and I still haven’t found my purpose for being here. I think about my failures, and hopes for accomplishments, but at times it can feel dark and sad. I wonder how long I will stay in this holiday funk? I wonder if I’m the only person who is feeling this way? Being sick just made me think about my life over and over again. Then the anxiety sets in and I feel rushed, confused, and disappointed. This week I will have to really pull it together because my mind is only going to be focused on what I haven’t accomplished this year. I’m my worst enemy and critic, I constantly get so upset at myself all the time. This puts so much strain on me, oh well I will come out alright I guess. I still have time to finish my goals and find my purpose. Chat soon……

Ms. Fran


🎄Kinda in the  Christmas Spirit 🎄

Look at that face…wouldn’t you be?? He took this at the groomers on yesterday, I bet he was really angry! 😂 So I had a great day today, I got some shopping done and actually enjoyed it. I got to spend time with my son like we usually do. Breakfast, shopping, laughing it couldn’t have been better. My thoughts tried to wander to the other side but I didn’t let it!!! There were no crowds in the store and I didn’t have to tell anybody off, lol I just feel some type of way about stores lately. My temper is a little crazy at times….just so glad everything went smooth. Picked up gifts for my hubby and the pup, and already he is under the tree trying to unwrap them with those little paws. So funny he just looks away like I didn’t see him. Also I didn’t get back in the bed either, I’m still up at my desk getting myself ready for this week. I will be spending the Xmas break with the kiddos from 9:30-6:30 so please pray for me. Hope you all had a great Sunday and I’ll chat soon…

Ms. Fran🤗

Boy The Year Is Flying By!!!

It’s mid-day and I’m soooo sleepy, I need a quick nap. On another note, it’s damn December already and I just feel like I’m being rushed to finish so many things on my list. I hope this is a good month for me and my family, no more surprises or bad ass news. Just going to keep my fingers and crossed and continue you praying. All the pretty decorations, family get together, the music and parties make me feel some type of way. I’m just going to suppress the bad feelings unless until the holidays are over, don’t want to be a “Debbie Downer” to everyone else. On that note I hope this day is treating you all well, chat soon……

Ms. Fran