Happy Tuesday Friends☺️

Good morning y’all, no matter what maybe going in your life wake up expecting miracles! Be your best self in whatever you do today, I’m rooting for you all! 👏🏾 Have a Terrific Tuesday, Olivia Don’t forget to download your guide:👇🏾 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mllbrEpFaIJiWUfJR0U45FeXHWU-R8Ud/view?usp=drivesdk Also connect with me: Instagram Facebook Biz Page Website Olivia B. Shepherd (LifeContinue reading “Happy Tuesday Friends☺️”

Self-Care isn’t Selfish…it’s ok to Reward Yourself ☺️👇🏾

Good Morning friends, Today I am going to treat myself! Thank you for the opportunity to do something special “just because.” Thank you for giving me the chance to reward myself just for being me. I am grateful for these little joys and for the ability to recognize that I am worthy of pampering. MyContinue reading “Self-Care isn’t Selfish…it’s ok to Reward Yourself ☺️👇🏾”

Gratitude Journal 📔 11/13/18

Good morning friends here’s to another day to give thanks! Today my mind is thinking of places far away from me. I’m grateful for the places I have traveled to and the opportunity to see new things and meet new people. I am grateful for the places I haven’t see and the anticipation and promiseContinue reading “Gratitude Journal 📔 11/13/18”

Tuesday Affirmations: Warning ⚠️ You May Actually Believe What You Say😊

If you know me, I love me some affirmations and I really believe they work! So here are few you can use yourself today: 🌟I release my need to compare myself to others. I judge myself by my own standards of success. I am ENOUGH just as I am. 🌟I am ready to show theContinue reading “Tuesday Affirmations: Warning ⚠️ You May Actually Believe What You Say😊”