Gratitude Journal 7/5/18πŸ“•

I remember it-coming from a swim and lying back in white sand-the gift of a moment to rest, to sit in reverie, to watch, to close eyes and think of nothing but the sound of breaking waves. Yes, you were there with the sounds and the sunshine, and I am thankful. Have a wonderful Thursday,Continue reading “Gratitude Journal 7/5/18πŸ“•”

Happy Thursday! 😊

Wow, this week is moving fast, I’m just a little sluggish today. I did my meditation this morning and I now need a little pick me up, so going to recite some affirmations today: πŸ”Ήβ€The past has no power over me” πŸ”Ήβ€All that I need comes to me at the right time and place inContinue reading “Happy Thursday! 😊”