Would YOU like to Join⤵️

▪️You are the one person you are with for the entirety of your life. This is why it’s so important to practice self-love and learn to forgive yourself. ▪️Being grumpy and holding grudges against yourself makes for a cruel, grim life. Don’t do that to yourself, Friend. Be kind to you, and forge a lovingContinue reading “Would YOU like to Join⤵️”

Tuesday Tips….You Are Worthy💞

Happy Tuesday friends…. A lot of times individuals feel disgruntled because they don’t feel appreciated by other people. That’s understandable. Naturally we all long to be appreciated by others. But if our happiness hinges on the encouragement of others, we may occasionally find ourselves being needlessly discouraged. The answer is to encourage yourself! Here areContinue reading “Tuesday Tips….You Are Worthy💞”

🙌🏾🙌🏾Proud Moment…Bloggerlife☺️

#sundayinspiration 3 years ago I was scared, feeling low, tired, suicidal, and angry when I started this blog! I didn’t know how to blog or write, hell still don’t but I did🤦🏽‍♀️😉it! I got on there set it up and went for it! The first blog name was Blackgirldown, because that’s who I was. DownContinue reading “🙌🏾🙌🏾Proud Moment…Bloggerlife☺️”

Mental Health Awareness Month💚

#mentalhealthawareness💚 This week take some time to write down things you are grateful for and share at least one with us…☺️ Health Benefits of being grateful: Be Physical • Stronger immune systems • Less bothered by aches and pains • Lower blood pressure • Exercise more and take better care of their health • SleepContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month💚”

Let’s Set Your Mind on Success to Assure Abundance in Your Life: 💵

Here are a few fundamental actions you are able to do to bring outright abundance into your life: . Being Grateful 🔅Distinguish what your core needs and wants are: This is where you must truly take the time to get to know your unquestionable self. Use “quiet time” and meditation to help you clear upContinue reading “Let’s Set Your Mind on Success to Assure Abundance in Your Life: 💵”

‘Just don’t give up’: Finnegan living proof that there is always a better day ahead

The latest Irish and international sports news from The42 — Read on http://www.the42.ie/mick-finnegan-dont-give-up-4432403-Jan2019/ I’m proof of this as well, there’s always a comeback that’s right around the corner….hold on! Olivia

Wednesday Wisdom 👇🏾

#wednesdaywisdom #upgradeyourlife Little things can have a tremendous impact on a person. What little things have you done today for someone? Think back over your life. Think about the people that had a positive influence on you. If your past was like mine, many of them didn’t realize the impact they made. The influence wasContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom 👇🏾”

Glad I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through! 💋

Glad I don’t look like: 🔅Depression/Anxiety 🔅Worrying over an Incarcerated child 🔅Fear/Doubt 🔅Suicide 🔅Chronic Pain 🔅Brokenness 🔅Procrastination 🔅Tiredness 🔅Sleepless Nights Nope it hasn’t been easy, and yes I have cried my pretty little eyelashes off! But I got up and decided one day that I no longer like the sad woman I saw in theContinue reading “Glad I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through! 💋”

Merry Xmas Eve 🎄

Good morning friends, happy Monday and Christmas Eve! 🤗 Lord, sometimes the Advent season can be stressful, even difficult. There are moments of awkwardness when someone gives you a gift and you have nothing for them, or vice versa. There are moments of loneliness amid the bustle. The pains of fractured relationships seem especially sharpContinue reading “Merry Xmas Eve 🎄”