27 Days of Thanks Day 2️⃣

Rejection- the action of rejecting: the state of being rejected ➖ We’ve all been there…we asked someone for something…a date, a job, a raise, a loan, help in doing something, forgiveness, love, a recommendation, and so on, and we were rejected. Or we started up a business but then not enough clients show up andContinue reading “27 Days of Thanks Day 2️⃣”

27 Days of Thanks 🍂 Day 1:

🍂Welcome to November a month that reminds us of how thankful we should be, not only this month but all year round. Even in the mist of our circumstances, I promise there is something in your life to be thankful for! 📝Each day for the next 27 Days, I will drop a question and journalContinue reading “27 Days of Thanks 🍂 Day 1:”

Wednesday Wisdom 👇🏾

#wednesdaywisdom #upgradeyourlife Little things can have a tremendous impact on a person. What little things have you done today for someone? Think back over your life. Think about the people that had a positive influence on you. If your past was like mine, many of them didn’t realize the impact they made. The influence wasContinue reading “Wednesday Wisdom 👇🏾”

Gratitude Journal 📓 9/6/18 Gods Perfect Timing

God, I know you’re not in a hurry- Your plan for me are on time. You need no schedule or reminders For I’m always on your mind. I know you have drawn the mosaic And you’re fitting each tile in place. As I continue to follow your plan. Help me not to hurry or race.Continue reading “Gratitude Journal 📓 9/6/18 Gods Perfect Timing”

Happy Friday, Gratitude Journal 📓 8/24/18

Lord, sometimes I wish for more patience. Then I realize that, ad I wade my way through the difficulties life is throwing at me, I’m slowing developing the virtue of patience. For if I’m not always grateful at the time, I’m grateful afterwards for the way virtues can grow under pressure. Have a beautiful Friday,Continue reading “Happy Friday, Gratitude Journal 📓 8/24/18”

Gratitude Journal 7/5/18📕

I remember it-coming from a swim and lying back in white sand-the gift of a moment to rest, to sit in reverie, to watch, to close eyes and think of nothing but the sound of breaking waves. Yes, you were there with the sounds and the sunshine, and I am thankful. Have a wonderful Thursday,Continue reading “Gratitude Journal 7/5/18📕”