Gratitude Journal 8/26/18📓

When our lives get overloaded, one of the first things we cut back is the time we spend with friends. But it is these very relationships that can center us, ease our stress, and remind us of our true priorities. Thank you to those who make time for me. Please help me to do theContinue reading “Gratitude Journal 8/26/18📓”

Feeling Alone in a Sea of Friends!

Good morning, it’s Tuesday and I’m feeling a bit sad today. Yes, I know that’s usually on Monday’s but not this time. I survived Monday, but I think Monday was mad it didn’t get me down so it whispered to Tuesday to do the job. Woke up feeling pretty good after a good sleep, IContinue reading “Feeling Alone in a Sea of Friends!”

Friends, Music & Depression

Typing as I sit in the staircase of my house, because it’s stormy outside and I’m totally terrified of storms. Just made it home in time before I was caught  in all that rain, my anxiety level on midway but driving and doing fine. See my bestie (family) invited me to dinner tonight and afterContinue reading “Friends, Music & Depression”