I’m Back and it’s Game Day 🙌🏾🦅

Happy Super Bowl, I’m back…..feeling a tad bit better, but playing it smart. I’m not having my BIG party so I won’t affect anybody else. So it’s me, home alone in my PJs with my pup😷Please be careful, this flu ain’t no joke it takes all your damn energy away from you. Finally can eatContinue reading “I’m Back and it’s Game Day 🙌🏾🦅”

I’m Sick Of Winter and the damn Flu too😷🤪😞

Well, I’m seriously considering shutting myself in the house, everywhere you turn somebody has the flu. I’m sitting in bed now, been sick for 3 days but too lazy to head over to the hospital. The flu has claimed 84 lives here in South Carolina and that scares me, but what if I don’t haveContinue reading “I’m Sick Of Winter and the damn Flu too😷🤪😞”