Tuesday Tips…Tend To Your Own Happiness πŸ˜ƒ

Happy Tuesday Friends…. Many of us wish for more happiness. We want to lead happier, more fulfilling, lives, but the sad truth is that so many of us that wish for more happiness spend much more time tending the happiness of others than we do tending to our own happiness. Happiness does not simply happen.Continue reading “Tuesday Tips…Tend To Your Own Happiness πŸ˜ƒ”

3 Keys To Knowing (And Getting) EXACTLY What You Want – xoNecole

I’ll admit it: I’ve been getting a little annoyed by all of the memes, statuses and reminders that 2020 is right around the corner. Partly because I consider my birthday as my own personal New Year, but also because many times, our Instagram feeds look like a buffet of other peoples’ accomplishments β€” Read onContinue reading “3 Keys To Knowing (And Getting) EXACTLY What You Want – xoNecole”

Daily Reminder…Monday MotivationπŸ’ž

#dailyreminder Remember taking action requires you to have faith in yourself – especially when everything and everyone around you is telling you that you cannot do it. In the end, you have to remember that you know yourself best. You know what you are capable of, and if you believe that your vision is withinContinue reading “Daily Reminder…Monday MotivationπŸ’ž”

How do we change our stress levels if they are not helping us to function well during the day or sleep well at night?

How do we change our stress levels if they are not helping us to function well during the day or sleep well at night? How do we change our stress levels if they are not helping us to function well during the day or sleep well at night? β€” Read on damonashworthpsychology.com/2019/07/28/how-do-we-change-our-stress-levels-if-they-are-not-helping-us-to-function-well-during-the-day-or-sleep-well-at-night/ #reblog

Tuesday Tips….You Are WorthyπŸ’ž

Happy Tuesday friends…. A lot of times individuals feel disgruntled because they don’t feel appreciated by other people. That’s understandable. Naturally we all long to be appreciated by others. But if our happiness hinges on the encouragement of others, we may occasionally find ourselves being needlessly discouraged. The answer is to encourage yourself! Here areContinue reading “Tuesday Tips….You Are WorthyπŸ’ž”

Daily Reminder….πŸ’ž

Good morning friends….πŸ’ž God forever works with you when you ask Him to and when you’ve faith that He is doing so. Then your prayer can’t fail. It is God who’s changing things and not you.   Regardless what the condition, how hard or how impossible you feel it might be, God will see youContinue reading “Daily Reminder….πŸ’ž”

6 Signs You Are WAY Too Self-Critical – xoNecole

As life would have it, as I’m starting this piece, Kelis’ music video for “Bossy” is playing on the tube. Something that I’ve always liked about Kelis, as an artist, is she’s gonna do whatever she wants to do. We don’t have to get it, so long as she does. If we like it, that’sContinue reading “6 Signs You Are WAY Too Self-Critical – xoNecole”

Mindset Monday…πŸ’ž

#mindsetmonday A lot of folks battle with the idea of being deserving. They feel that there’s something amiss about them. That’s why they feel they don’t deserve happiness, love, riches, you name it. Here are some things to avoid when trying to change your life and love yourself more. When you’re trying to feel youContinue reading “Mindset Monday…πŸ’ž”

Daily Reminder…..

Happy Monday…. With hope you forever have a path towards peace. If we get too stressed out and overwhelmed within our own life, we blank out that hope. We blank out that the sun always shines after a rainy day, and that this is simply a bump in the road. I find immense peace inContinue reading “Daily Reminder…..”