Tuesday Thoughts 💭 Are you achieving those goals???

Have you found yourself setting goals every year but eventually losing interest? Did you have every intention to make a difference by accomplishing your goals but then not following through? It is easy to get frustrated when this happens. Because of your frustration, it is less likely you will set any goals the next year.Continue reading “Tuesday Thoughts 💭 Are you achieving those goals???”

Gratitude Journal 📔 11/9/18 Everyday Is a Journey

Good morning friends, every day is a journey through time and space. Thank you, Lord, for the journeys that make up my life and take me amazing places. I am grateful for the things I’ve learned on my life’s journey. Allow me to appreciate the journey more thank the destination and keep an open mindContinue reading “Gratitude Journal 📔 11/9/18 Everyday Is a Journey”

🤷🏽‍♀️So what you’re a little chubby, so what your skin is perfect, so what if you are not a size 2! God knew what he was doing when He created you…so Stop 🛑 doubting His work!!! #transformationtuesday #happytuesday #changeyourthoughts #empowering #loveyourbody #loveyourskin #selflove #loveyourflaws #empowerment #empoweringwomen #mentor #lifecoachforwomen #helpingwomen #shine #beyou #beunique #godcreatedyou #createdbygod ChangeContinue reading

Monday Motivation: Goals

🔅The ability to set goals and to develop a plan for the accomplishment of those goals is arguably the most important ingredient of success. Mastering this skill will enable you to achieve your dreams faster than you ever thought possible. The goal-achieving system below is a powerful, yet simple strategy that can be used toContinue reading “Monday Motivation: Goals”

Self~Love Day5: Build a Community

#selfloveday5 #buildacommunity 💓Self-love and relationships go hand and hand, you can’t keep people around you that are toxic and negative! If you love yourself, love yourself enough to know that you will not put up with unwanted advice, baggage, and selfishness. You deserve better period☺️💓 💓Remember self-love is important for enjoying a happy, healthy, andContinue reading “Self~Love Day5: Build a Community”