Coping With Negative Emotions, Dealing With Anxiety & Depression, & Overcoming Fear | Gretchen Hydo | YourTango

We all feel negative emotions, and find ourselves dealing with anxiety and depression, and overcoming fear but there are 4 steps to take if you want to overcome them all. — Read on Great article 😊

Am I Depressed? Signs Of Depression & How To Know If You’re Depressed | Mitzi Bockmann | YourTango

The subtle signs of depression don’t always indicate that someone is truly depressed but if you notice these 7 things, it may be time to get some help before the symptoms get worse. — Read on

Mental Health Awareness 💚

#mentalhealthawareness💚 Do you have some coping skills for when days get bad? Here are a few you should try if not: 💚Draw or paint a picture. It doesn’t have to be good!!! Growing up in a family of visual artists… Wow, the desire to compete with them when I am a writer, not a visualContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness 💚”

Let’s Be Aware of The Signs…💚

#mentalhealthawarenessmonth💚 You don’t feel like doing anything, even the things you normally enjoy. There has been a change in your appetite: eating more than or less than normal. You feel exhausted all the time. You feel more stressed than normal; things that normally wouldn’t stress you out are. You are much more irritable and grumpy.Continue reading “Let’s Be Aware of The Signs…💚”

Mental Health Awareness Month💚

Good morning, May starts the month of Mental Health Awareness! If you suffer, seek help! There’s nothing weak about putting your health first! If you know someone who suffers, be kind, be patient, because we need you the most during this time!

How to Help Someone With Depression

How do you actually help someone with depression, while remaining calm and grounded yourself? What would a therapist advise? — Read on May is Mental Health Awareness Month 💚

‘Smiling depression’: It’s Possible to be Depressed While Appearing Happy | Technology Networks

‘Smiling depression’: It’s Possible to be Depressed While Appearing Happy | Technology Networks — Read on Great read 👍🏾