I Have Anxiety And I’m Terrified Of Passing It On To My Kids

If one or more of my children grow up to have anxiety, they will have been taught the tools to cope. — Read on http://www.scarymommy.com/fear-passing-on-anxiety-to-kids/ Great read, especially if you have little ones!

I’m Up😞

Haven’t been up with thoughts on my mind for sometime. Sometimes I think being a mother is so hard, then the next I think I got this! Heard some disturbing news about my son and I didn’t react very well. I think my sweet Ralphy (my dog) isn’t feeling well and I’m starting to feelContinue reading “I’m Up😞”

I Just Don’t Know!

Well what a difference a day makes, of course you all have read me saying that before. But it’s so true, yesterday was such a great day. My friends wedding day, a chance to get all dressed up and celebrate her. That’s exactly what I did, and my crazy brain stay away. She looked absolutelyContinue reading “I Just Don’t Know!”

It Has To Get Better!

It’s about 2:45 a.m. and we are at a rest stop to get some sleep. Tuesday didn’t go so well with my son, he is now facing jail time after accepting a plea. I can’t tell you all the pain I felt, seeing my son, my baby boy, take a grown man deal. There wasContinue reading “It Has To Get Better!”

This About Sums it Up!

Feeling a little horrible today, hell all week! Tired of being tired, wish I could dig out of this hole I call life. I’m depressed about being depressed, tired and head hurts. I have no energy at all, suppose to be packing for this Texas trip. I really have prayed this day would never come,Continue reading “This About Sums it Up!”

Charlie Brown’s Existential Crisis Saved My Life – The Coffeelicious

https://thecoffeelicious.com/charlie-browns-existential-crisis-saved-my-life-a9053a90d732 What a great read, and a perfect way to sum up what a child having anxiety may understand. I wonder if I was this way as a child, I always felt some type of way but couldn’t explain it. Of course know adult in my life, wouldn’t dare discuss it! I enjoyed this article!Continue reading “Charlie Brown’s Existential Crisis Saved My Life – The Coffeelicious”