Some Days are Better than Others!

Sometimes left to myself I get kind of sad and low, my husband for once notice I wasn’t feeling happy today. Some days are better than others, today isn’t that day! I miss my son so much and being so far away from him makes it even worse, I just still can’t wrap my mindContinue reading “Some Days are Better than Others!”

Days: 13-15 A Mom is Sentence Too

Wow it’s been only 15 days! I miss him so much, just picking up the phone to call him. I have like 15 jokes I need to tell him and can’t. Today I was feeling a bit blue before saying my prayers…But God🙌🏾 He knows how to send me to the right scriptures. I justContinue reading “Days: 13-15 A Mom is Sentence Too”


Recognize that courage Losing your loved one to the criminal justice system is full of grief and may God never punish anyone like this. But struggling and coping with this tough situation is what moms should do! Ending racism and differences between an African American woman & American woman will take both courage and time.Continue reading “A NOTE FOR MOMS DEALING WITH INCARCERATED CHILD”

Days 10-12 A Mom is Sentence Too

Happy visiting day for my son, he got to see his little family today since he has been locked up! He seemed so happy on the phone last night when I spoke with him. He got a big surprise because my sweet grand is saying “da-da”! I’m so excited about everything that little fella isContinue reading “Days 10-12 A Mom is Sentence Too”

Days: 8-9 A Mom is Sentence Too!

Just got off the phone with him and he was very upbeat, considering yesterday day he got his release date. November 9, 2018 my birthday month! This would be the best gift ever to see my son put this shit behind him. I email him constantly even when I know he can’t email right back.Continue reading “Days: 8-9 A Mom is Sentence Too!”


It is tough… It is tough to be a woman, tougher to be a mother but toughest to be a mother of ‘black’ child. This is because the perception of people changes when they see someone who is black and we have all the instances to prove that injustice do happen with so called ‘black’Continue reading “A NOTE FOR MOMS DEALING WITH INCARCERATED CHILD”