30 Days of Gratitude Day: 15-20 😊

Happy Monday all, I’m sitting in the Dallas airport on my way home from El Paso! I had a great visit with my lovely grandson for my birthday. The trip was great for a bit, but it wouldn’t be my life if something didn’t go wrong. (More on that later) Other than that the tripContinue reading “30 Days of Gratitude Day: 15-20 😊”

It’s My Birthady Month !

Good afternoon all, as you can see I’m pretty hyped about this bday thing! I will be flooding my post with cute little memes about Scorpio and our traits. Everyone of these traits are so me, I’m passionate, sweet and nasty at all the same time. LOl, now adding depression to the mix, I’m anContinue reading “It’s My Birthady Month !”