Monday Motivation👇🏾 6 Ways To Conquer Lack of Motivation

😁Happy Monday, guys, and gals…hope this new week finds you well!! If you lack motivation to get anything today, I hope these little tips will help kick you into motion!!!

Ugggh, is it Monday again😩

Remember, you don’t have to see it as a drag, but if you lack motivation, use these tips to help move you along this week:👇🏾

Y’all know I love 💟 me some affirmations, be positive and as realistic as you can possible. Negative talking will sway you away from your goals. Speak positive affirmations as a way to boost your mood. Remember words used properly are a powerful force.

When you take time to plan, you allow yourself to process the beginning and the end in your mind. This can spark ideas, and improve productivity, and ensure a great outcome you can be proud of! Once you have a written agenda, you are going to be motivated.

Whether big or small, celebrate your accomplishments at every milestone you reach. Rewarding yourself has a way of keeping you motivated; who doesn’t like a reward 🤷🏽‍♀️

Everybody in this world 🌎 makes mistakes. The key 🔑 is to learn from them and keep them moving. Avoid sulking about your past or regretting it.

There’s a saying, “you are the sum of your five closest friends.” Having the right friends around you can make a huge difference in your success! Having accountability partners will keep you motivated and on the right track.

Very often, we forget how far we have come and all that we have accomplished. Take time to go over your achievements, and remind yourself constantly that you are a WINNER!

It’s a new month and a new week; make sure you stay on top if your goals and continue to stay motivated for success!!

Have an awesome week!

Affirmation of the Day

Happy Monday

Hey there, hope each of you enjoyed the weekend! I did nothing of importance, just laid around catching up on my DVR recordings!!

It was a bit rainy ☔ here, so staying in was kind of nice!!

Well, to my post for today, while I was sitting around, I had an interesting call with one of my good friends, and it was all about self-doubt!

See, we both are in the t-shirt business, and both are pretty crafty, her more than me! But we were commenting on all the talented women we see in our crafting FB group!

Then this got me to thinking that there are tons of us who suffer from self-doubt, so this week, I have decided to dedicate the next few days to help my clients and followers overcome this ugly habit!!

If you are one of these people, let’s look at what would happen if you let that ugly thought go!!

‘Self-doubt means to lack faith or confidence in oneself’

Believing in yourself (or not) literally makes or breaks your success or healing in life.

But have you ever wonder what would happen if you lost those limiting beliefs⁉️🧐

Here are 5️⃣ things that happen when you do away with Self-Doubt ⤵️

Believing in yourself means you have confidence in your ability to achieve your goals

Believing in yourself makes you take ownership of your behavior and situations

Believing in yourself encourages you to be kinder to yourself, and you begin to show up for yourself

A positive attitude lets you dream the impossible things, which leads you to a positive result more often than not.

You are now able to do the things you have wanted to do, but we’re afraid of

When you start to believe in yourself, so many amazing things happen, and you become unstoppable 💪🏾

Transformation/Biz Coach
Affirmation of the Day

👉🏾If you would like to track your self-doubt to better understand it, here’s a Free Printable:⤵️

Self-Doubt Worksheet

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Tuesday Tips: 3 Powerful Ways To Healing Yourself

Healing yourself is a job for you; no one can do this for you! I had to learn this the hard way; as much as we want our loved ones to be by our side during this time, they can’t!!

Here are 3️⃣ powerful things you can do right now⤵️

It is time to let it go. Forgive all parts of yourself to be whole and perfect. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes or shortcomings; forgive the child within for being afraid; forgive the teenager that spoke words of anger; forgive the young adult for not being a risk taker. Forgive others in the past. Forgive your parents, your siblings and relatives. Let go of all grudges. Forgiveness is about coming to peace within yourself…
(this was a hard one for me)😩

Live in the now. The past is gone. You can never go back and make it right. You can never re-live a life that was yesterday. Live positively in the present moment, no matter what is occurring. It is All right and perfect. Do not look ahead and dread what may come. Our mind creates a lot of chatter and makes us afraid in order to keep us safe. Tell your mind “Thanks for sharing” and affirm “I am here, I am present”. You are always at choice, and you know how to make this day beautiful…

Love yourself and use positive words of encouragement. Compliment strangers and make others smile. Speak from a loving heart and shine with joy. Remember, talk to yourself like you talk to your best friend who needs uplifting. Putting YOU first is a must if you are going to take care of others…

You won’t heal overnight, just be patient with yourself; you will get there!!

You got this👏🏾

Happy Fourth of July & Self-Care Sunday 🇺🇸

Pic Courtesy of My Sorority

Happy Fourth, just dropping in to say Hi…. Do you have any plans? Not me I’m just resting and watching Crime Shows, which are my fav, plus it’s a form of Self-Care for me just to do nothing!

I call it Boring Self-Care; yes there is such a thing!☺️

So I actually have been doing this for a while but didn’t know it was an actual thing which excites me!

Usually when we think about self-care we’re often provided with extravagant examples of pampering—full body massages, day trips to the beach, fancy 4-course meals, and monthly mani-pedi appointments complete with champagne.

But sometimes, self-care is kind of boring…🤷🏽‍♀️

When we’re stuck in a rut or so depressed we can barely get out of bed, just simple things like brushing our teeth, washing our clothes, eating 3 full meals can be very daunting! Trust me , I’ve been there!

Now while all those fancy things are ok, Boring Self-Care can actually make you feel just as good!! Those of you know that the housekeeper in me loves a clean home, but believe it or not, I sometimes let a lot of things get out of hand when my depression takes over.

So don’t get discourage you are not alone, and enjoying Boring Self-Care can actually be just as beneficial to you as well!

Here are few things you can do today if taking a bubble bath 🛁 isn’t in the cards for you:

▪️FOLD LAUNDRY: Yes,😩I know we all hate this, especially if you have kids. The loads can be massive, but I promise you will find some comfort in getting this done!! It will give you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you organized

▪️CHANGE BED LINEN: There is nothing like fresh, clean sheets on your bed. After you finally muster up enough strength to shower, put those clean sheets on the bed, and even spray them with a lavender resting spray to hel you relax

▪️CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN: Cleaning your kitchen is pretty important; it helps to keep the bacteria down, which can also keep you from getting sick! Just a good scrub down at least once a month; yes, cleaning is therapeutic

▪️CLEAN YOUR TOILET: Just like with your kitchen keeping your bathrooms 🚽 clean can prevent germs and also give you a sense of accomplishment; I know this sounds crazy, but when your house is clean, it takes one thing off your list of things to worry about which will calm your anxiety.

And there you have it, Boring Self-Care…nope, it isn’t glamorous, but necessary!!!

▪️What does Self-Care look like to you?

However it looks, I hope it’s a good one!!

🌟Also, catch my new podcast episode right here: Girl, Your Journey Starts Here

3 Things To Do Before Bed To Prepare For The Week Ahead⤵️

Happy Sunday; it’s been a while; life has been very hectic for me, and I have had some major curveballs thrown my way…but I’m still standing!

Hope each of you are well, and I promise to give you all the deets in my upcoming podcast and blog post!!!

Also, I got to play Gigi for 2 weeks straight! Yes, my sweet grandbaby visited all the way from El Paso, TX, and it was a blast! He celebrated his 4th birthday 🎉 here in South Carolina.

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of him💙

While, you are enjoying this cute pic of my cool 😎 grandbaby, here are the 3 tips to help you prepare for the week! Promise not stay away so long, have a fabulous Sunday night!!

Now, that Sunday is almost behind us…here are 3️⃣ things you can do to prepare your mind for a fabulous week ahead!

I absolutely recommend this step, talk to God, ask him to open doors, to create paths in your life and on your healing journey! You might not see the changes right away, but at least He knows your heart’s desires!

I don’t care how depressed you are; get up every day with the intent on not giving up. Journal your hopes, your dreams, and the steps you need to take to get there!!!

Every week you make excuses; let this be the week you STOP THAT! Start that business, seek help, write your book, or even start that diet!!!
You can dream of a better life, but not put in the work!!!

You owe it to yourself, to be better this week!!

It’s Podcast Friday 🎙

🎙Do you feel like your life’s a mess and the weight of the world is on your shoulders?
Do you find it hard to stay motivated and productive when this happens, and at this moment you are ready to run and hide.
When this happens, suddenly, nothing really matters.
Wellllll, I have good news, you don’t have to stay this way! It is possible to get up and get your mojo back!
Tune in to this week’s episode and learn how I managed to stay motivated while my life is full of chaos!!

Listen 👂🏾 Here⤵️


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💚Pretty powerful, right? But sadly true, just because you don’t see our suffering doesn’t mean we’re not hurting!! As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Month,  remember that mental illness is just as important as physical health.

We don’t need your silence; we need your support and understanding. Get educated, ask questions, but don’t dismiss us!

If you know someone who’s suffering, reach out to them, send cards, words of encouragement…because we fight battles you will never understand!

Lady O
Mental Health Advocate

It’s Podcast Friday 🎙

🎙New Podcast Episode…⤵️

Continuing my Mental Health Awareness Theme: Let’s talk about Boundaries

Boundaries are the rules and expectations that we set in relationships. Boundaries help both parties understand how to behave — what behavior is acceptable and what won’t be tolerated.

It’s Favorite Quote Friday…in keeping with my set boundaries theme for today, this is my quote!⤵️

Just because you love someone doesn’t give them grounds to call you names, disrespect you, ignore you, or treat you less than!
I spent so many years of my life around family members who thought this was ok and decided that no matter how they treated me, I had to put up with their behavior because I loved them!!!

WRONG…❌ don’t let the love you have for these people cloud your judgment on how you should be treated!!!


Now it’s your turn, share your favorite Friday quote! ⤵️

Happy Listening 💋

Transformation Biz Coach

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month 💚

💚It’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Grab a cute tee to represent for you or a loved one and show your support!

💚Tees are $20 + $5 shipping
%10 of all proceeds will go to Rethink Mental Health Incorporated

“Mental health needs a great deal of attention. It’s the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with.”~Adam Ant

Rainy ☔ Day Journal Prompts

It’s a rainy ☔ Saturday here in my city, so this is the time I like to create and right down my thoughts!

Writing not only stimulates your brain activity but it also acts as a great de-stressor. Keep a journal so you can record your thoughts if you are feeling down. Invest in a well-made journal to increase your creative juices….

Here are a couple of journal prompts to help you get started:

🖊 What risks do you want to take? What’s holding you back?

🖊 What are some of the strongest emotions you’ve ever felt? Write about how those emotions affected you and what caused you to feel those emotions.

🖊 What secrets are you keeping? Are these secrets affecting your life or mental health? Why or why not?

🖊 Write about your one of your happiest memories?

🖊 In the next year, what are 5 improvements you would like to make regarding your life?

One of the best ways to gain clarity about your life is by journaling your thoughts and feelings.

Keeping a journal can be a great way to manage your mental health.

Happy Writing☺️

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