Monday Motivation For Me, Or Not!

Good morning and welcome to a brand new week, I am hoping and praying that I stay focused and motivated. My weekend was fab, celebrated my niece’s 16th birthday and it gave me chance to get all dressed up like I use to do all the time. Everything was going well and then my sadness creeps in, some time I wish I go and hide from myself.Took off the makeup and the cute shoes, just to go back to my hair being tied up and putting on my “big momma” dress, lol! I can’t help thinking why am I stuck with this illness and will ever get better for me. Oh well until then I will manage to cope as much as I can. So this week I have decided to stay focused no matter what, there are so may things I need to get done but absolutely NO motivation to get started. So this week I’m not giving up! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart, on the inside I just have to believe that God has my back! 

My to do List:

I will make sure I write on my blog at least 2 times per day to increase my followers and get the word out about my cause!

I will finish the last 2 chapters of my book, so it can at least be ready for editing.

I will not let the smallest things knock my mood all out whack (so easy to do)!

I will keep my head up instead of looking to the ground because it’s really nothing down there.

So now I have my week planned out, let’s just see if I’m motivated enough to stick with it or not!  Stay tuned…………………….





Top 3 drugstore picks

What a happy blog, can’t wait for more post!

Splash of Happiness

Hey everyone! For today’s blog post, I am going to be recommending to you my top 3 drugstore picks. There is so much variety in the drugstore that it can sometimes be quite difficult to choose which products are best. Therefore, I thought I would tell you about a few of my personal favourites! I hope you find this useful and enjoy!

George precision felt tip liner: (£2.75)


I would highly recommend this felt tip liner because it is very affordable and makes winged eyeliner so much easier. The pen is really smooth which makes it easier to build it up and achieve the perfect line! It really defines and emphasises my eyes which makes it great for a night out and gives me such a flawless look! I love how it doesn’t rub off easily so it is very long-lasting!

Rimmel Wonder’ full mascara: (£7.99)’full-Mascara-Black/p/254671

untitledI love using this mascara because I really like how…

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