Wow this is a blog about depression in women young and old, who are afraid to speak about it, but not me! I’m new to this blog thing so please bear with me, I’m 391/2(lol will be 40 soon) black woman who suffers badly from depression. I find it hard to talk about it in the “black community”, also to my spouse, family and some friends. Now don’t get me wrong that women of all color suffer, I just want to talk about it coming from me a black woman. As women we struggle with so much and it seems so easy to talk about break-ups, weight gain/lose, or even gossiping at the office. Nooo one wants to talk about depression, Why? Is it because we are not supposed to be weak? Well dammit I am and it no way takes away from how strong I am in other areas in my life. Depression isn’t a bad word and ย want to go to hell if you mention it, good grief. Well I would like to take you on this rollercoaster ride of emotions and hope we all can help each as women, black or white!!!

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