Mood Today!

Can’t shake how I’m feeling and it gets harder to explain it to friends and family. I wish I could turn it off but I can’t, voices in my head fighting for a position! Now which one will show up this weekend…….Stay Tuned!๐Ÿ˜ฃ

Today was good!!!

So I’m a happy today ended up good and I didn’t have to go to jail, lol! Jeep took my truck and gave me a crappy KIA (sorry if you own one) I’m not a car girl! ย So I’m stuck with it ย until they figure out what’s wrong, but for a minute today I actually felt normal. Normal like smiling for no reason just calm and relax, and this hasn’t happened in a minute. It felt good, guess the meds working out, I didn’t have to strangle ย one single soul. Cool, sitting alone now with the music blasting behind me, rap music cause it gets me crunk, but my son says I’m old! Oh well ending the night on a positive note, so what if ย my music and dancing is whack, lol I love it! ย Helped a friend out with her problem and made her feel great, so I guess it really was a good day! Enough said…….

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