Sunday Self-Care/Love

It’s Sunday and time to prepare for the week, do this by practicing some self-love/care this evening!!!

Here are a few things you can do in order to be able to handle your week, your business, and your family!

Let’s Begin:

💖STOP overthinking:
You are not a mind reader and you can’t see into the future, stay in the now! Focus on things you can control! You can’t prevent life from happening, so chill out!

🖤TRY your best to make time for yourself and not excuses! When you make excuses you prolong your healing, your growth, and you stay stuck in repeating cycles!

💖 MAP out one goal (in baby steps) that you would love to knock off your list! This will give you a sense of accomplishment!

🖤 SET an intention, what do you intend to do this week that will help you get closer to your goals of success! Ex. maybe you want to remain calm this week, or you want to focus on journaling those thoughts!! Set the intention and follow through!

Remember self-care/love isn’t all about bubble baths and mimosas, you have to work on that inner healing first in order to love on others!


If You Suffer Betrayal…You Are Not Alone…Read This Morning Message👇🏾

It might have been your best friend, your mother, father, your sister, or even your lover. It burns deep inside. You can’t sleep for the anger, the shock, and dismay. You may find yourself still not believing it’s happened to you. But it has!

When those we have entrusted with our time, our loyalty, or even our love betray us, we feel violated deep inside. We feel crushed. We wonder if we can ever recover from this…

Guess what you can, I’m 2 years into recovery from the last betrayal by some family members, and once I realized that the Highest suffered the same fate, I then knew I could overcome the hurt and pain!

I have forgiven my betrayers much like Jesus forgave Judas! Not because they deserve it, I have forgiven them for me, for my sanity, and my peace!

Although I will no longer speak their names, I won’t continue hating them because I WILL NOT let them keep betraying me in my mind!

🖤If you are suffering from being betrayed, you are not alone!

🖤You can get through this,

🖤You will recover

🖤You can and will trust again

5 Wellness Tips For Mental Well Being

I’m backkkkkk…..I finally arrived in Texas, stay tuned for a post about my journey from South Carolina!! Until then enjoy these Wellness Tips

We all know that suffering from Mental Health 💚 issues can be exhausting, to avoid those burnout days, here are 5 things that are a MUST that you do to survive:

🛌: Sleep is so important and beneficial to your health! Yes I know it’s hard when you can’t shut your brain off but you really must try! A good night’s sleep will do you good…trust me!

🌯🌭: Avoid eating too much of the wrong foods, we tend to stress eat when things get chaotic, which causes other problems! High blood pressure, bloating, and weight gain! Watch your food intake!

🥒🥗: Focus on eating healthy, lol as I’m typing this I went to reach for some potato chips but opted for some yogurt with granola toppings…I have to practice what I preach also healthy eating has tons of benefits that help with our brain development, and it fights against tons of diseases. Yep, it’s hard…but worth it!

🚶🏾‍♀️: Walking not only helps you lose weight it also helps with your mental health! It gives you a chance to focus on the beauty around you instead of the chaos in your life! Most of you all know I walk constantly, even in the creepy woods🤣 I love how relaxing walking makes me!

💦🚰: I can’t stress enough how important drinking water is! Drinking water has tons of benefits, especially for your skin…if you don’t want to look like what you’re going through…girllll drink plenty of water!! Trust me, you will thank me later!!

Now there you have it, which one will you try? Which one is your fav thing to do and why?

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🚨New Episode Alert 🚨

Do you struggle to stay motivated when things aren’t going good?

There’s no doubt that difficult times are hard on us all, but these are the times we have to stay motivated and pull through!

Tune in for 3 ways I stay motivated, and learn how to pull yourself together during this time!

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Happy Women’s Month 🌸

🌸Happy March & Women’s Month🌸

This month is all about self-care, you have been taking care of others for so long, now it’s your turn.

👇🏾Download the ➖free printable➖
31 Days of Self-Care Calendar

Each day you will be prompted to do something for yourself!! Each day you will make a conscious decision to make yourself a priority!

Practicing Self-Care is essential for your healing, your growth & your transformation!

Remember Sis, you can’t pour from an empty cup…💖

31-Days Of Self-Care Calendar

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What To Do After You’ve Been Betrayed?

🔳 It might have been your best friend, your partner, your family, church members, and so on. It burns deep inside. You can’t sleep for the anger, the shock, and dismay. You may find yourself still not believing it’s happened to you. But it has!

🔳 When those we have entrusted with our money, our plans, our strategies, our loyalty or even our love betray us, we feel violated deep inside. We feel crushed.

We wonder if we can ever recover from this, guess what you can because I did!! 💪🏾

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How To Cope With Betrayal

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🎙Healing takes time, patience, and most importantly it takes courage!!
You will need this courage to stand up for yourself, courage to beat back the haters, courage to go it alone!

Tune in for this week’s episode as I share with you the 3 steps I use to start my healing journey, trust me you don’t want to miss it!!!




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Tune in for this amazing and informative conversation with KJ Richards creator of the SHE (Seeing Herself Evolving) community! We discussed all things self-love/care, relationships, and share some transparent moments!!!



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Then join me Tomorrow for a 3-Part Series with my special guest Ms. Tori Truesdale, Organizing Coach at True Belongings!

Tori helps her clients declutter mentally and literally, helping them organize their lives so they can create space to heal!!!

When our spaces are cluttered, our minds tend to get cluttered, too. The stress of an ever-messy home can wear on our nerves and mental health. You deserve to be able to exhale in your own home.

XOXO, Tori

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‼️New Podcast Episode

‼️New Podcast Episode‼️

Technical difficulties kept me from dropping it Friday, but what good way to end your week listening to my podcast🎙

Healing is Hard, Healing Takes Time

Tune in for 3 Reasons Why You May Be Stalling in Your Healing Process

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