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🎙Healing takes time, patience, and most importantly it takes courage!!
You will need this courage to stand up for yourself, courage to beat back the haters, courage to go it alone!

Tune in for this week’s episode as I share with you the 3 steps I use to start my healing journey, trust me you don’t want to miss it!!!




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New Podcast Episode

🚨New Episode Alert🚨

Tune in for this amazing and informative conversation with KJ Richards creator of the SHE (Seeing Herself Evolving) community! We discussed all things self-love/care, relationships, and share some transparent moments!!!



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Join Me Live Tomorrow

Heal Grow Transform
Presents TransformU in 22

Each Friday for the next couple of weeks I will be joined by 3 coaches who will help Transform U mentally, spiritually, and financially! 2022 needs to be your year and I want to help you make better choices.

▪️Looking for new ways to tackle your mental health
▪️Need help making better financial choices
▪️Ready to grow in your spiritual life

Then join me Tomorrow for a 3-Part Series with my special guest Ms. Tori Truesdale, Organizing Coach at True Belongings!

Tori helps her clients declutter mentally and literally, helping them organize their lives so they can create space to heal!!!

When our spaces are cluttered, our minds tend to get cluttered, too. The stress of an ever-messy home can wear on our nerves and mental health. You deserve to be able to exhale in your own home.

XOXO, Tori

Set your timers, join me live on Instagram, FB, and my Youtube Channel, links in the comments⤵️

‼️New Podcast Episode

‼️New Podcast Episode‼️

Technical difficulties kept me from dropping it Friday, but what good way to end your week listening to my podcast🎙

Healing is Hard, Healing Takes Time

Tune in for 3 Reasons Why You May Be Stalling in Your Healing Process

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Tuesday Talks with Lady O👇🏾

Your Power Has Thoughts

‼️Join me for a live discussion on the The Power of Your Thoughts…

👉🏾 Transformation won’t happen in your life until you renew your mind until your thoughts begin to change…

An unmanaged mind leads to conflict. A managed mind leads to confidence…

Catch the replay over on my Youtube page!!




🗣It’s Podcast Friday

🎙Happy Podcast Friday…
This week is the first episode of
Cocktails & Conversations 🍹
with my special guest the amazing Lisa IamLisa Renee
Mindset Coach, Speaker, And Writer, tune in as we discuss divorce, mindsets, affirmations, & more…

👉🏾Please excuse the audio this week my editor was unavailable!
It is still an amazing conversation!! Grab your fav beverage and listen in!!!☕️

Podcast Links–Conversations-Presents-The-Lisa-Renee-Interview-e1cv11j


It’s 🎙Podcast Friday…

🎉🎙New Season, New Episode

“The Excuses We Make Are The Lies We Tell”

Now, I won’t take credit for this title, this was first introduced to me about 2 years ago by my pastor Carolyn Phillips but I decided to use it and put a different spend on it!!

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else” ~Benjamin Franklin

▪️Excuses render you powerless, while choices are empowering. You can choose at any time to do or not do whatever you’re contemplating.

▪️ Let’s not make excuses in 22, let’s make plans and take action!! Tune in for a mini-coaching session and learn 3 ways to combat excuses!

Happy Listening, links below👇🏾

Transformation Coach

Happy New Year 🥳

New Year, New Mindset…

⚠️Save these affirmations and repeat them as often as you need to!

Affirmations are a simple and effective way to influence your subconscious mind. Affirmations, also called self-talk, personal reminders or self-suggestions, are absolutely essential in building positive attitudes and confidence in our own capabilities.

Let’s start 2022 off right 💪🏾

Monday Motivation ✨

Happy last Monday of the year…

This week you need to put in motion how you want ‘22 to go, first pray 🙏🏾 and ask God for guidance, then proceed:

▪️Deactivate all people/things that no longer serve you! Stop pretending and making excuses to keep people/things around! Just like you cut ✂️ subscriptions to save money, cut off people and things to save your peace!!

▪️Distance yourself from things and people who cause you more harm than good! It’s ok to put some space between toxic people and your dreams! Do what’s best for you, even if you do it alone…

▪️Discover who you are…take the time to discover who you are without all the drama and toxicity! You’ve spent the whole year carrying the weight of others while losing yourself in the process. Discover your talents, and your calling…people are waiting!

Coach Lady O 💖🖤

Free Holiday Tips…Grab Download 👇🏾

▪️If you suffer from holiday depression, then this free download is for you!!!

🎄The holiday season is a tricky one. It is the time of the year when you are seemingly presented with very different expectations both in regards to what you do, as well as (more importantly) what you are supposed to be feeling.

🎄This can be a stressful time for many people, and feeling overwhelmed and depressed is extremely likely, even common for many people who suffer from mental health issues.

🎄We also find ourselves overcommitting, people-pleasing, and throwing away our boundaries to make others feel good, which causes burnout and stress!!!

👉🏾To help ease the stress, I created a mini workbook to with 9 free tips to get you through the holiday season; download your copy here👇🏾


9 Free Stress-Free Holiday Tips

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