How To Work With Me!

As a recovering alcoholic, I know to all too well that it takes much support to help you achieve your goals of getting your life back. 

What can I  do for you? 

*Phone Pal: Olivia is your virtual pal in your pocket who is always there and willing to listen.

✳️The On Phone Mentoring starts with a half-hour talk so that we can get to know each other better (free session) 

✳️Instant Mentoring/Coaching Via Text, Zoom, or Voxer: You can choose a full hour video chat with her,($50) on this session you can pick my brain, if you are a new entrepreneur, or need some advice.

 On either session we can go into what you need, or if just want to vent. Both sessions will include a free questionnaire, pdf journal prompts, and 1 follow-up call the next week.

✳️Full Mentoring/Coaching Session: Please contact me via FB messenger, text, or email:

✳️Coming Soon…Mastering Mental Health & Entreprenuership

During this 6-Week Master Your Mental Health Coaching Program, you will:

* Free yourself from past hurts and disappointments 

* Gain clarity and expand your vision

* Increase your capacity to learn, grow and create results

* Be more open to receiving a wealth of love and abundance in all areas

* Unleash your inner power and authenticity

* Experience true happiness and fulfillment

* Discover the leader within and step into your genius

⚠️In order for this program to work for you, it requires that:

* You are ready for a breakthrough

* You are open to being coached

* You are committed to your success

* You are willing to get real with yourself, have some fun, and tap into your true potential

Endless Bliss: Once you are ready to experience the wonders of what I can do for you, you can then decide if you want her to be your mentor/coach. There are ongoing services for those who live here in Columbia, I visit you whenever you need my support.

No one should suffer alone; two is always better than one! 

So what are you waiting for?


Let’s take action,


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