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Olivia B. Shepherd, What makes her an effective mentor? She’s just like you. Mother, wife, blogger, and entrepeneur who also suffers from mental illness. She is also the founder of AshesToBeauty Mentoring & Outreach, an online service to bring you motivation to the comfort of your home! 

Olivia is dedicated to empowering young girls and women who suffer from depression, sexual and substance abuse. As a recovering alcoholic, Olivia knows all to well that it takes much support to help you achieve your goals of getting your life back. 

What can Olivia B. Shepherd do for you? 

*Phone Pal: Olivia is your virtual pal in your pocket who is always there and willing to listen. The On Phone Mentoring starts with a half hour talk so that we can get to know each other better (free session) 

Instant Mentoring Via Text, Zoom, or Skype: You can choose a full hour video chat with her,($50) or a 15 minute text session ($10). On either session we can go into what you need, or if just want to vent. Both sessions will include a free questionnaire, pdf journal prompts, and 1 follow-up call the next week.

Full Mentoring Session: Please contact her via FB messenger, text, or email

Endless Bliss: Once you are ready to experience the wonders Olivia will do for you, you can then decide if you want her to be your mentor. There are ongoing services for those who live here in Columbia, I visit you whenever you need my support.

No one should suffer alone, two is always better than one! So what are you waiting for?




Let’s Take Action,

Olivia B. Shepherd

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