Happy Fourth of July & Self-Care Sunday 🇺🇸

Pic Courtesy of My Sorority

Happy Fourth, just dropping in to say Hi…. Do you have any plans? Not me I’m just resting and watching Crime Shows, which are my fav, plus it’s a form of Self-Care for me just to do nothing!

I call it Boring Self-Care; yes there is such a thing!☺️

So I actually have been doing this for a while but didn’t know it was an actual thing which excites me!

Usually when we think about self-care we’re often provided with extravagant examples of pampering—full body massages, day trips to the beach, fancy 4-course meals, and monthly mani-pedi appointments complete with champagne.

But sometimes, self-care is kind of boring…🤷🏽‍♀️

When we’re stuck in a rut or so depressed we can barely get out of bed, just simple things like brushing our teeth, washing our clothes, eating 3 full meals can be very daunting! Trust me , I’ve been there!

Now while all those fancy things are ok, Boring Self-Care can actually make you feel just as good!! Those of you know that the housekeeper in me loves a clean home, but believe it or not, I sometimes let a lot of things get out of hand when my depression takes over.

So don’t get discourage you are not alone, and enjoying Boring Self-Care can actually be just as beneficial to you as well!

Here are few things you can do today if taking a bubble bath 🛁 isn’t in the cards for you:

▪️FOLD LAUNDRY: Yes,😩I know we all hate this, especially if you have kids. The loads can be massive, but I promise you will find some comfort in getting this done!! It will give you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you organized

▪️CHANGE BED LINEN: There is nothing like fresh, clean sheets on your bed. After you finally muster up enough strength to shower, put those clean sheets on the bed, and even spray them with a lavender resting spray to hel you relax

▪️CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN: Cleaning your kitchen is pretty important; it helps to keep the bacteria down, which can also keep you from getting sick! Just a good scrub down at least once a month; yes, cleaning is therapeutic

▪️CLEAN YOUR TOILET: Just like with your kitchen keeping your bathrooms 🚽 clean can prevent germs and also give you a sense of accomplishment; I know this sounds crazy, but when your house is clean, it takes one thing off your list of things to worry about which will calm your anxiety.

And there you have it, Boring Self-Care…nope, it isn’t glamorous, but necessary!!!

▪️What does Self-Care look like to you?

However it looks, I hope it’s a good one!!

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