Meghan Markle is My Hero…

By now, we have all seen the interview with Meghan and Harry…

So I have been hearing Meghan shouldn’t have aired her dirty family business out this way…

This is my AND WHY NOT FACE??? 🤷🏽‍♀️


▪️The reason I suffer from mental health issues today is because I kept family secrets, because I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about what was going on in mines!

▪️Now, this isn’t to put down my family, because I love each of them dearly, but people have issues in families, and no one is perfect!!

▪️I believe Meghan is using her platform to put mental health, family issues, and suicide at the forefront!

▪️I wish I was brave enough to seek help and explain how I was feeling back then! I wish I didn’t have to keep family secrets which turned me crazy. To each, it’s own on how they choose to heal, who are you tell her or me any different!

I applaud Meghan for being brave enough to go to someone she loved to discuss how suicidal she felt; I didn’t have that as a child, a teen, or an adult.
Please know that you don’t have to carry the burdens of your family around.

You are NOT obligated to keep their secrets, which will eventually drive you crazy. It’s time to let go and release those hurts from your mind.

NOPE, it won’t be easy, but it’s necessary…
Stop feeling ashamed and guilty for the things you can’t control. We don’t get to choose our family, but we do get to decide how we will live our lives and how we heal from it!

Meghan is my hero; I commend her for stepping up for her family and to Harry. What an amazing husband you are!!!


Guilt and lack of forgiveness of self and others, burdens many people with the heavyweight of inappropriate shame and the destruction of deep-seated resentments….don’t let this be you!

If you are ready to start your healing process, let’s chat📲🖥


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