Meet the Baltimore Yogi Helping Black Men ‘Heal’ Through Yoga |

Changa Bell founded the Black Male Yoga Initiative in 2015 to teach Black men and boys in the community the importance of holistic health — Read on Love this story, it’s ok my black brothers to love and take care of yourself 😁🧘🏽‍♂️❤️


There is a well known and very much overlooked ‘secret’ that Master Manifestors use continuously. It is a very basic, simple component that sets in motion all that exists in the human world. We all know it is real and absolutely necessary. Yet the vast majority of people do their level best to avoid it.Continue reading “#Tuesdaytips…”

Daily Reminder…..

Good morning friends….😁 For those of us who suffer to pull it together, please remember your smile says a lot! It says your strong even if you feel weak…. It says your beautiful when you feel ugly…💋 It says your fighting when you feel like hiding in a corner…. Have an awesome day😃

Tips For Anxiety Relief…

Sleeping has become one of my greatest struggles. I’ve spent countless nights, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling with a million thoughts rushing through my head. Regardless of how tired I was that day, I still find it so difficult to close my eyes and get rid of all those thoughts – my anxietyContinue reading “Tips For Anxiety Relief…”

Happy Monday…Be Beautiful💋💄

Beauty holds a golden mirror to the shimmering inner essence. It reflects true self-perception as well as the extent of one’s discipline. Attractiveness indicates a sensitivity to those around us. Just as we shine our shoes, wash our cars or trim our lawns to provide “eye-candy” to passers-by, we keep our bodies in the pinkContinue reading “Happy Monday…Be Beautiful💋💄”

Daily Reminder….👇🏾

Happy Monday friends…. This week no matter what life throws at you, remember God knows what’s best and all you have to do is trust His timing! Life doesn’t stay stormy forever, trust that this week night be the week things change, things get better…hang in there dear…. Have an awesome 🌟 Monday and amazingContinue reading “Daily Reminder….👇🏾”

Wellness Wednesday..Serotonin

#wellnesswednesday ▫️What is serotonin? Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter, a type of chemical that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to another. Although serotonin is manufactured in the brain, where it performs its primary functions, some 90% of our serotonin supply is found in the digestive tract and in blood platelets. ▫️WhatContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday..Serotonin”