Wellness Wednesday…Detoxification

#wellnesswednesday Detoxification and cleaning of the body is a crucial process to keep our bodies fit and full of energy. In today’s cosmos, our bodies are deluged chemically and pollutants that harm our bodies. It’s crucial to detoxify our bodies and remove the pollutants in the rawest way available. Bring your body back into optimalContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday…Detoxification”

Wellness Wednesday…Tips on how to relieve stress!

#wellnesswednesday 🧘🏽‍♂️ A lot of individuals these days have elevated amounts of tension. Life is too short to be distressful and unhappy day in and day out. As luck would have it, I’ve some ideas to help out☺️ Make sure you eat sounder: A few foods that you eat have a negative affect on theContinue reading “Wellness Wednesday…Tips on how to relieve stress!”

Happy Wednesday….Let’s talk about Wellness

Happy Wednesday, what you feed your body and soul impacts your mind. Feed your body and mind good things… Yeah I know it’s so hard to start a healthy life style but it’s so damn worth it! So as you go about your day, stay away from negativity, drama, processed foods, drugs, and alcohol 🍷Continue reading “Happy Wednesday….Let’s talk about Wellness”

Tuesday Tips…👇🏾

#tuesdaytips Manifestation is a really simple concept. It is so simple that you would think everybody would be able to do it. However, there are many people who fail to manifest and the reasons are listed as below. 🔅Being pessimistic When you are manifesting success, you need to think of positive thoughts and you needContinue reading “Tuesday Tips…👇🏾”

Mindset Monday…changing your view!

#mindsetmonday Change your view girl….🤷🏽‍♀️ Whenever something happens the way you did not intend it to you feel either disappointed or sad, the disappointment easily turns to anger or you feel defeated and helpless, however that is your personal choice. When something does not work out or something does not happen it does not meanContinue reading “Mindset Monday…changing your view!”

Mindset Monday….

#mindsetmonday The first step to improving your confidence is cutting out that internal voice in our mind that keeps telling you that it is not possible, block it out and start asking yourself of what the worst case scenario is, it is usually not that bad as the voice in your head. After experiencing somethingContinue reading “Mindset Monday….”

Happy Monday…make this be the week it happens🙌🏾

Happy Monday beautiful souls, it’s a new week to start over again. This week go make shit happen for your life, your health, your relationships, and you biz!🙌🏾 Stop letting fear ruin your desires, stop letting your health get in the way… Shake it off and begin again, it’s ok!!😀 Have an awesome week WarriorsContinue reading “Happy Monday…make this be the week it happens🙌🏾”

Self awareness Sunday…combating fear!

1. Emphasize your strengths. Focus on what it is that you are capable of achieving and praise yourself for your strength and your struggle than focusing on the results. Beginning on a foundation of things that you are capable rather than what should you be doing will help you live and work within your limitations.Continue reading “Self awareness Sunday…combating fear!”

Selfawareness Sunday….Is ’fear’ holding you back???

#selfawarenesssunday Self-Confidence is generally described as the ability of an individual to have faith and believe in his/her abilities. According to psychiatrists when one has self- confidence it normally results in having great self-esteem. Self-esteem is defined as the “worth” that one can place on himself. It is his measurement of his own value asContinue reading “Selfawareness Sunday….Is ’fear’ holding you back???”

SelfAwareness Sunday….

#sundayselfawareness 🔅Words and statements have to power to build or destroy. But it is how you use them that gives them the capacity to do good or do harm. One example of this is through the use of affirmations, statements which describe a desired condition or outcome, and which are repeated often. The repetition ofContinue reading “SelfAwareness Sunday….”